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Thread: Albertson's Monopoly 2018 Rare Game Piece Trading Thread

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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Originally Posted by SteelyDanMan View Post
    Help! We have four game pieces from Randall's Monopoly game that we can't figure out because they do not appear on our board. We are in Austin Texas.All of our board pieces here are in the 100's and 200's and we have (3) Three 700 pieces R730A, O744C and M750A and (1) 800 piece c825D. Can anyone tell us what we have? Or where these pieces are relevant? Thanks
    I don't know what those pieces are. They aren't for this game. The pieces here, as you said, are in the 100s and 200s.

    Can you post a picture of them?
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    These are likely employee game pieces for employees of the supermarkets only. The pic are of twi I got accidentially.


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    I suppose I should set some ground rules regarding 108AH.

    According to game rules, there will be 250,000 semi-rare pieces for the $1,000,000 cash prize, and just 2 rare pieces.

    The rare piece is clearly 108AH.

    Therefore, I don't want to see posts requesting 108AH.


    I counted my game pieces and have 250 total pieces, of the 250...50 have the 1,000,000 cash prize pieces

    my count of the 1,000,000 cash prize pieces are:

    101AA x 8
    102AB x 5
    103AC x 8
    104AD x 14
    105AE x 10
    106AF x 7
    107AG x 8


    now when I was sorting the mess of tickets, I went by the A.00A / B / C / D ticket number on the bottom of the ticket turns out the ticket numbers range from A.00A to A.99D ticket numbers. I think there are 400 ticket number in all. The only missing generic number ticket I have is A.26 A or B or C or D versions. So I think the ticket number A.26 are the winning ticket numbers. I dont have all A,B,C,D variations.

    I just dont think there is a semi-rare ticket for 1,000,000 cash my sample of 250 tickets and the multiples I have are not consistant with the semi-rare tickets. I do have 1 semi rare ticket non 1,000,000 in the pile somewhere.

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    How do I post a new question or topic for this Safeway Monopoly page?

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    Originally Posted by Renee0187 View Post
    I have a 194WD not sure if it's Rare or Semi-rare.
    Yes I also have 194WD (semi-rare piece)

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    Yes I have 194WD as well
    . good luck everyone!

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    I have received game pieces from a Vons in LV. that don't seem to match with the current game. The codes seem to be from years past. Any thoughts?

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    Originally Posted by Emillemon View Post
    These are the pieces I need that are not rare or semi rare.

    238, 225, 219, 210, 163, 161, 136, 111
    I have most of these

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    Did you figure out how to communicate on here? I have 209 but canít figure out how to message or get anyone...

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    I have the Semi-rare 189VD. If does anyone have 190VE and want to split the prize?

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    I have 116BH, anyone have 110BB?

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    I have 206YE semi-rare, happy to sell/trade.

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    I have semi-rare 200XE. I'd like to sell it. I'm located in Los Angeles.

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    Originally Posted by Rodney View Post
    I have semi-rare 200XE. I'd like to sell it. I'm located in Los Angeles.

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    I have two semi-rare game pieces 200XE ($20K tuition) and 194WD ($25K kitchen makeover). I am willing to trade if someone has the other rare pieces for one of these two prizes or sell the semi-rare pieces. Contact me at if you are interested. Many thanks!!

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    Hello does anyone by chance have 182? I can be reached at

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    I have 206YE for $50 and 181TA for $75 if anyone needs one or both reply to this post

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    I have the semi-rare piece 200XE. If anyone needs it let me know

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    hey my name is Ricky Kraft from SAN Jose CA i just got 209ZC from safeway what should i do???
    my home phone number is (408) 622-5449

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