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Thread: crazy glue trick

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    I saw this on the internet once and had a chance to actually use it...

    If crazy glue touches backing hardens immediately.

    So I have what looks like a water faucet coming out of my home in nevada. I think maybe its made of heavy porcelin, like what toilets are made of. Dense and heavy. Its not connected to a water supply and has no on and off apparatus. Its just a faucet about 8-10 inches off the ground out of the side of the house.
    I was carrying a ladder and hit it by mistake and it cracked off. Since its coming ut of the side of a wall, crazy glue by itself would not hold it as gravity just makes the piece fall to the ground. So i dipped the loose surface in baking soda, and put the crazy glue on the piece coming out of the side of the house.....and it held like magic in2 seconds.

    Its great for those times where gravity prevents the 2 pieces from staying together.

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    Another baking soda trick: I was telling a lady today while working out at the health and fitness center that I just used vinegar to kill the moss growing on the concrete and rock surfaces of our home; she said baking soda is great for that to, that I should sprinkle it on to growing moss to kill it.
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    What, Me Worry?

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    sounds better than my suggestion I was given to use diluted chlorox

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    Mouthwash works wonders on hemorrhoids and bum itches in general. A couple of applications, and you're cured.
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    Fascinating topic and content in this thread. No wonder this place is jumpin’

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    great commentary yet what would a sane person expect in a thread titled as such.

    if you want excitement, go ahead and start something that would excite you...instead of critiquing content of other threads

    thats if you are capable.

    if you are not....then carry are doing the best you can.

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