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Thread: Naive Delta Sky Miles Question

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    I never used sky miles and have no idea what they are worth or how they work.

    But I have had an American Express delta sky miles credit card for 30 years. Didint use it much except for Costco who only accepted AMEX till recently.

    I checked online and have accumulated 83,000 miles.

    Is that worth anything to peole who travel? Is it that if I fly to the east coast and its 6000 miles round trip.....I can go free and lose 6000 miles from my total?

    They dont expire, and there is a spot online to "gift" or "transfer" the miles to others......are there people who buy miles? Ever hear of anyone paying for them?

    I know people here probably get free airline travel from the casinos, but for people who travel around the country or around the world, would they pay me for them???

    Like the title says, I am naive in using these things. I know i can also buy gift cards with them from a set of vendors that they deal with as well. Maybe 500 at target or something like that. Are these miles worth more than 500 dollars to people who travel?

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    actually I looked intoit further, and transferring to another person with all the fees and charges would cost hundreds of dollars. 800 dollars to start....a penny a mile. Plus service fees.

    I think I will be better off with the gift card.

    I know selling it is against the rules of the contract....but not illegal per se.

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    LOL at costing 1c/mile to transfer. They're barely worth that!

    You don't need to transfer them. Just buy a ticket for someone who needs one (it doesn't need to be in your name), and then let them reimburse you.

    Delta SkyMiles are worth about 1.2c each of you use them wisely. That is, you need to buy tickets well in advance, and be careful not to waste them on cheap flights. (For example, if it's 30k miles to take a flight you can buy for $150, don't do it!)

    They also never expire, so you can sit on them.

    I wouldn't suggest getting a $500 gift card for 83,000 miles, but if you have no use for them, and you don't want to go through the hassle of selling them (by buying someone else's ticket with them), then perhaps that's the best option for you.
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    It's hard to get a round trip ticket for the "standard" 25,000 miles these days, but Delta will usually give you a round trip in the states for 30-some thousand. So your miles are worth, from a practical perspective, about 2 1/2 round trips in the states if you shop and avoid peak times. The good thing about Delta miles is they never expire (last I checked), so you can hold onto these if you want or shoot for a Hawaii getaway or something.

    I just shopped for a flight using my Delta miles. I use miles if the round trip ticket costs more than about $400. That's my sense of it. It's as Dan said -- you have about a thousand dollars worth of free flying.

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