I heard on the radio PS was having his final tour, and stopping in Oracle Arena in Oakland. I saw him once solo 20 years ago and he was captivating.
I always admired and liked his work since the late 60's. I also saw him around 15 years ago with Garfunckle in the same arena.

So I was excited to go to ticketmaster today and be ready for 10am release of tickets. While I was waiting I read reviews of recent past concerts by him. And many were 5 stars. But also a share of 1-2-3 stars because his voice was weak and he had no backup singers to help him, he couldnt hit the high notes anymore, he forgot lyrics, he didnt sing in time to the music, and his song selection was poor. Then I looked on the internet for signs of him doing similar. And there was a big deal with him singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the DNC fundraiser over a year ago, where social media exploded as to how sickly he looked and how poorly he sang the song.

So the guy is 74.....I know, thats what happens. But I clicked off the ticketmaster site....and decided to have memories of him when he was vibrant and vocally competent. Rather than an old man, "going out" in sup par form.

For the same reason I told MrV not to go back to NJ and visit his old neighborhood .....I will pass on this last concert.