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Thread: Caesars 800 number (CCS) now has visibility into your play and ADT

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    Caesars has closed a major gap in its schizophrenic booking system by providing ADT/play information to booking reps at the 800 number (also known as the CCS).

    Previously, your host could fully see your play information, but 800 number reps could only see your tier level.

    This was helpful to "marginal" Diamonds and Seven Stars -- especially ones with bad ADT -- because they would get treated the same as others at their tier level with much better ADTs.

    Many exceptions were made for me there because I was Seven Stars, which otherwise wouldn't have been made if they could see my ADT.

    In 2018, that has changed, and they can now see your ADT and recent play.

    It is not clear if regular reps can see it, but supervisors (the ones who can make the exceptions) definitely can.

    To my knowledge, hotel staff still cannot see your play information -- only your card's tier. Perhaps that will be changing soon, too.
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    Actually, hotel staff has been able to see your play since at least August 2017.

    The only reason I know this is because I showed up last minute in Laughlin very late one night that month well after Diamond/7* registration had closed, and I just walked up to the main front desk and asked for a room.

    The way the front desk is set up there, you can easily see the computer screens with only a casual lean as opposed to having to rubberneck too much. The gal typed in my card info, hit a couple buttons and my tier score, RC balance, Property ADT, overall ADT, etc. popped right up.

    Of course I have no way of knowing if all CET properties have this capability so YMMV.

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