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    I was at Harrah's Lake Tahoe for Superbowl Saturday. I did not stay for the game. I made my biggest bet for the Eagles to be leading at half time and I made a smaller bet for Patriots to win the game laying the points. My thinking was that the Pats often get a slow start but catch up in the end. I also made a big prop bet laying -300 that there would be "No" successful 2 point conversions. The Eagles failed an extra point early and tried several times to make a 2 point conversion. Each time I was nervous but thankfully the Eagles were not successful on those conversions. So I made some money in the Super Bowl.

    While I was there, I had my Total Rewards card "coded" by the Diamond check-in clerk so I could enter the Harrah's Diamond Lounge. There is no attendant checking or swiping your card there so if you enter when another is exiting or following someone in, one can actually use the lounge on a non-play day without hurting your ADT. At first I was trying to get in around noon but I saw this placard below regarding the limited hours.

    But when I hesitated at the door, a slot attendant at the High Limit desk (near the Diamond Lounge entrance) told me the Lounge is open 24 hours for the coffee machine, use of the 'semi private' bathroom or just to unwind. The hours are only referencing the bartender hours for alcohol. I liked using the coffee/hot chocolate machine (photo below). I saw at least one guy there during the off hours doing work on his laptop using the Wifi there. Sometimes wifi is spotty in the room so the lounge may be a good backup if you need a wifi connection. The bathroom is small but private. The door lock at the Diamond Lounge entrance is bit temperamental so I had to insert several times and alter how quickly I removed the card from the lock insertion slot. I did not bother trying to brew coffee in my room or go to starbucks given the unlimited access to the coffee machine.

    Here is the placard with the somewhat misleading "bartender" hours and the always available coffee machine:
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    When I was there I did some pay in the video poker machines. At the five dollar machine I hit four aces, see below. But I was playing JOB 9/6 so only 125 coins for me. While I rarely play Double Bonus as I don't like the volatility, I did catch dealt four kings at that game as you can see below. I put in 5,000 in Tier play for the one day I played, so it did trigger the max 10,000 Tier daily bonus for a total of 15,000. So I expect after February it will be matched (up to 25,000) due to a CET promo. But I had a long drought near the middle of my trip so wound up losing $700.
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    Thanks, as always, for the great reports FAB.

    The Diamond lounge info is very useful, as it's a great place to go if others in your room are sleeping, and you would like to do things without disturbing them, such as use the computer or talk on the phone. I'm guessing very few people go there outside of the posted hours, due to the misleading sign!
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