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    I wonder if vegas will take action on the mavs since the owner said in an interview he told his players to tank.

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    I could be very, very wrong about this, but I don’t think “tanking” in the NBA refers to players intentionally not playing hard while they’re on the floor. I think it has more to do with giving bench players/scrubs substantially more minutes.

    Either way, something needs to be done about it.

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    usually the owner doesnt tell the players. The coach will pull the strings to play who he wants to get the results that his boss wants.

    Players will still play all out. They dont care about the owner. They know they may not even be on this team next year. So they are playing for their next contract, and for playing time on their next team

    But its a BAD LOOK..for the owner to publicly announce that he talked to his players about tanking.

    He was fined 600,000k.....and i think that money shpuld be split up to the season ticket holders.

    When you keep it in house, and have the coach make decisions to get what you want its one thing. But from a fans point of view...if they think that the players are tanking....then its bad for the league...its bad optics. And the next time a player on the mavs throws the ball away with 20 seconds to play where they are down by 1 point....people will now cry intentional tanking by the player.

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    "It [may] get to the point as weeks go by [where I don't] book those games," Golden Nugget sportsbook director Tony Miller said. He did promise lower betting limits for games involving teams out of playoff contention."

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