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    This will most likely be another long winded post. Recently, I have shared a few stories of my very own childhood. I have let members into a deeper understanding of who I am, at the core or what I dealt with growing up in the 70s and 80s. I haven't given up very much information but I was impressed by the sincere Private Messages from members who gave me genuine, positive support. This is America! We all grow up in some sort of dysfunctional family setting. I like what Lefty said about people and the past... "You have a past. I have a past. My past is no worse than yours, but you guys think you have the right to pass judgment!"

    You wouldn't think, after this first paragraph, that this report or thread is going to be about Hockey... would you? One thing I love is Hockey. My mom didn't! That's why she moved to Egypt, where there's not a hockey rink within 1500 miles. Let us give you some more background. I grew up about 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. My family didn't have any money, so the few times we went to a sporting event it was a baseball game. We would sit all the way up in the nose bleed section. This isn't so terrible when you are 8 years old. I was more involved in the crowd chanting "Let's go Bucs" more than anything. This is when the Penguins weren't very good and the Steelers had Bubby Brister who I actually ran into at Sears and my father got us his autograph after we shook his hand. I was far too young to understand any of it. It wasn't long before that, that I would walk home from elementary school and at the end of the street would be an officer who stopped traffic. This guy would give out free Football cards every Friday to us kiddies. Of course like most kids back then I was too busy playing outside or being amazed at the local arcades that were popping up here and there. I grew up in a small town and during a time when parents would let the kids run free and wild all day long. Free to explore and get into all sorts of trouble with the other little kiddies. Most likely this is the last era to be able to do those sorts of things since nowadays we are invaded with video games and internet and hip hop artists? Hip Hop Artists?? Artist? Music? Seems to me they are just ripping off past songs and putting a jungle beat to them but ok... music it is!?

    I was a Pirate Fan but from 6 to13 I really didn't have much interest in watching baseball, football or hockey on Television. Basketball wasn't even a thought in my mind at that time. I am not even sure I was aware of it just yet. My father was excited when we got Mario Lemieux but for some time the Penguins still couldn't break through just yet and honestly my father was more so interested in cracking open another Old Milwaukee... which anyone that knows anything knows that it tastes as great as its name! I think the game was secondary when you compare the two events. Truth be told, I was too busy playing sports and other games outside. Who really had time for television!? So my fathers passion was Beer and Fishing during those days. I went fishing so much that I would get to the point of complaining about it. What a brat! Just didn't understand how special that was even though I remember him specifically saying something about other children would kill to have a father who takes them fishing all the time. A father who would let me play hooky to go fishing or even come to school and drag me out in the middle with some BS excuse to go catch another Rainbow Trout or Bass in the rivers and lakes of good old Pennsylvania.

    If you have stayed with this post this long, don't worry, we will get into Hockey eventually. For some strange reason, back then, football cards were pretty big. I had a bunch of them since I had a paper route to earn money. Don't worry I blew that opportunity up eventually and RS and others will enjoy to hear that I was involved in some thievery to bring the hammer down on myself. I have told that story before somewhat but we can leave that for another day. So I had this odd thing in my head that I was a Detroit Lions Fan. Where the F did that come from? My father would say something along the lines about rooting for the Steelers or you should be a Pittsburgh Fan. I had this football card of Eric Hipple and perhaps I liked the Blue Lion on the Silver Helmet. Perhaps I was on a team that was called the Lions so I was following suit. I dunno. I never really followed the crowd. I seem to always go against the grain as I am sure most of you realize on this forum. Don't worry around the time of 9th grade I became a Pittsburgh Fan of all three sports. It didn't hurt when the Penguins got players like Lemieux, Jagr, Barrasso, Bourque, Coffee, Francis and others to propel them to back to back Stanley Cup Champions. Even the Bucs had the 3 Aaarghs with Bonds, Bonnila and Van Slyke so it wasn't hard to root. Everyone loves a winner. Although Sid Bream, a former Bucco destroyed our hopes as an Atlanta Brave in the 9th inning. After that, what happened? Free Agency? The highest bidder? That broke up Bonds and the rest and it took 20 years to have something to root for with that team. Of course moving to Vegas, traveling the white line gambling and hustling and 20 years of betting against the Bucs destroyed any loyalty or love of the Pirates. Funny how that works. I was a Bucs fan first but later became more of a Penguin/Steeler fan in the later years.

    I grew up in a time when hockey was about hockey. I am, for the most part in life, a true traditionalist. I like the old ways. I have Cast Iron to cook in. I buy Amish Furniture made of only real wood. I like Cotton. I like Wool. I like my art to actually have oil on the canvass that a person used a brush on. Not some computer generated piece of trash that some worker bee highlighted with paint. So it was a little difficult to experience this new Hockey Franchise in Vegas. I never expected them to be very good let alone fight for the best season record as we speak. I am conflicted about what I witnessed last night since you certainly have a Hockey game in front of you but it is clear that they have built an entertainment spectacle around a Hockey game to keep the younger generation interested. It is clear that most of the people enjoying the game do not understand the rules or how the rules changed over the years. It is clear that they are just out on the bandwagon enjoying an evening out with friends and family. This isn't such a bad thing. Who am I to tell people they can't have fun the way they want to have fun even if they don't fully understand icing, offsides, hooking, slashing, two line passes, last change, dumping the puck, crashing the net and so on and so forth. Who am I to explain to them that we don't need 800 foot LED/LCD screens above the players to see every second or inch of the game or replays. Who am I to tell them that instant replay shouldn't be a part of the game to call back a goal or prove goalie interference? Do they even understand what that is? It really doesn't matter. Everyone loves a winner and this crew of misfits or players who are great players that the other teams had to let go because of salary and expansion reasons certainly do play with a chip on their shoulder. I can't deny, that for me, to see Flower or as you might call him Fluery is a real treat since I am after all, a die hard Penguin fan, riding a high of back to back Stanley Cup Championships for the last two years!

    Anyone who knows Hockey and Vegas knows that we had a great decade of The Wranglers over at the Orleans Arena! What a gem! 10 to 20 dollar tickets. The ability to move around and sit wherever you want. Try to do that at a Diamond Backs game. Not so easy anymore since they really crack down on that sort of thing these days. Dollar Beer nights. Who needs to pay for beers when they allowed you to sneak all the drinks in anyways? It is more difficult to get away with that at T-Mobile Arena because you have to go through 3 metal detectors on your way to your seat. I love Big Brother! Long Live Big Brother... Long Live Big Brother!! I betrayed you Julia... Long Live Big Brother!! Not that you can't sneak in a water bottle full of Vodka. You will be happy to hear that a beer costs 13 dollars and I think it is 24 ounces so you sorta get two. Who can't buy a 30 pack for close to that price? Whatever, this is the land of free drinks anyways... sorta. The rink and the seating is set up nice in my opinion. We had good seats IMO so I can't say for sure about the nose bleeds but from my experience I would bet that even up in the last row on top you can see the action plenty good and most of those guys are over there for the atmosphere anyways which they certainly have plenty of.

    I figured I would run into someone selling tickets or who had comped tickets trying to sell them but I was unprepared or uneducated of where these guys set up shop. I had to stand in line and get decent seats but pay a 26 dollar fee for the entertainment. So each ticket was 100 plus the fees to bring it to 226 dollars for the two of us. That's fine, I guess. I mean I wanted to go to the Penguin game months ago but for those seats we had the prices were 600+ per ticket. I can splurge but I just don't see the reason when you can hold out for another team that the prices will be more reasonable. Honestly, I figured that one of these Casinos would of given me tickets but it doesn't seem the ones I have connections with have that ability just yet. All in all you can't complain. I fell into this game really. I went to the Palms to pick up all those comforters that my wife wanted. I had the buffet that I still do not enjoy compared to years past over there. I still don't understand how a normal person that doesn't have long arms like myself can reach under the salad bar to get all the cucumbers and chick peas and such? I struggle and I can reach!? Eh, whatever, The Hummus is good so there is that. So it was about 4pm and it was point day and I wanted to kill time before heading over to the game. However, I hate playing VP while the sun is up so instead I wheeled us over to the Spa and we got Pedicures. Ha ha... LOL! This Traditionalist, Conservative, Republican, Trump Supporter, Bush Supporter... ok not much of a supporter but this guys don't bother me. Anyone who knows anything knows they don't really run or do anything. Honestly I live on the outskirts of society looking for my next pal to F over anyway. Lie, Cheat and Steal... The American Way! The Easy Way! The Best Way! Pardon me, so yeah, this straight guy... anti-everything, anti-gay gets pedicures. I admit they do help people who walk hours upon hours in Casinos on a daily basis. The downside is that you might have to have some guy give it to you at times but whatever. Most of the time it is some nice Vietnamese girl. My father is rolling around in his grave lol! Ahhh, whatever... he spent plenty of time with Mamasan and most likely had to of enjoyed the food over there. Heck with all the French influence, Vietnamese Food is one of the best in the world IMO.

    So after the Pedicure we went over to the Orleans to pick up some FP. After that detour we went over to Camelot but that parking trick is over and done with. At least the Trop and Hooters haven't started to gate off the free parking yet. We walk into the MGM and I get depressed seeing what Vegas has become. We walk out over the bridge and some more depression. Over through NY NY and yes more depression or at the least just some nostalgic sadness. Now I am trying to find these damn hustlers. Not one in sight and I took some time to check other areas. I was told that if you waited till after the puck dropped you could find some deals. That information on this night didn't appear to ring true. So into the line to use the CC and get my 3% cashback worth of points. Through the metal detectors and up the escalator to Section 13. On the Escalator of course the Knights get the first goal and we miss it but hear the roars. Now we wait for the action to stop so we can get to our middle seats. I prefer the ends but ok. When I went to the PBR the seats were tighter. I was happier to see these seats had more elbow room. Anyone who knows about the Wranglers, knows that the Calgary Flames were an affiliate and that it appears Calgary travels well to Vegas. Plenty of red in the stands. Perhaps 35% of the fans. I wouldn't doubt 40% of the fans were Calgary Fans which I thought was nice. It gave a playoff feel to the game. It wasn't long before the Flames tied it up and of course the Knights got a Power Play goal at the end of Period 1 to take the lead and the slap shot was in perfect viewing range for our seats. Plenty of roaring noise in this arena. Plenty of Go Knights Go Chanting, although I might prefer something like Here we go Vegas Here we go but that's just me. The game was a sea saw back and forth game with a skirmish or two. Of course once it was 5-3 we got a good fight to view, close to our section. They both got a few good shots in but I feel we won the fight. Actually the fight lasted longer than your normal Hockey fight and they just got tired of pounding on each other and of course the Roman Mob loved it as did I. Hail Ceasar... or perhaps Hail the American Entertainment Culture called Sports to keep the little guy complacent so that the Ruling Class doesn't have another Revolution on their hands like Louis XVI! The damn higher ups got smarter after that one!

    So all in all a good place to kill a few hours and see some Hockey and be a part of a Party Atmosphere. They have this Castle Like Entrance at the top that has an interesting Band. Think, Revenge of the Nerds at the End talent competition when they did the music scene. Although this band has some glasses that light up bright white with LEDs and other lights and bright colors. The Knights ended up winning 7-3! A ten goal Hockey Game!? Welcome to the new age of Hockey! I was sitting next to a very quiet elderly couple from Calgary and we had a row of Red Jerseys in front of us, I was happy to sit next to the elderly couple as we talked about some real hockey and it isn't every day you get to talk to Real Canadians Eh! You drive, there's a lot of cops around. Ok... thanks Eh! Don't listen to him Officer... My Brothers Drunk! I am not! Cut it out you knob. Ok you all know I watch a lot of movies and hey I like Strange Brew.

    The dream for me would be the Vegas Golden Knights vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Stanley Cup this year. I'd have to break off a few grand to go see one of those games. I'd also have to root for the Penguins but it would be hard not to cheer when both teams score. If you were able to read all the way to the bottom Maxpen I did include a couple of pictures of the stairs. I didn't notice any difference in steepness in our seats compared to other arenas or venues but as always when you get up to the upper sections the stairs are always steeper for the most part in my experience. However, our section felt like it would collapse every time someone walked up and down the stairs. Something felt unstable as if that section moves in and out as they change the floor plan for different events. My uncle was waiting for us to fall into the abyss!
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    That doesn't look all that steep. I talked to 2 different people who made it sound like some treacherous pitch. Thanks for the pics.

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    monet, for someone who claims minimal school education, you do have quite a good writing style.You could be a writer in some capacity if u ever went into another trade.

    Anyway there are alot of points worth commenting I will number them so as not to run on and on

    1- I smiled and recognize the need to consciously or sub-consciously break from your parents , even if it means picking a different sports team.

    2- I have watched hockey even in a household having parents who knew nothing of sports. 7-8 years old watching it on a black and white TV, not really understanding it, but mesmerized by it. However it takes a special type of person to appreciate it. Which is why its not as popular in the USA with other choices available.
    For example, I can admire a long majestic home run over the right field fence, I can admire and have it etched in my memory. I can soak in the joy of watching a high arcing pass into the endzone, or watch a runningback get through the first and second level of the defense and run 60 yards to the endzone. I can feel the joy as i watch a three point shot take off and swish through the net. However in hockey, especially at the game, things go so lightening quick that I dont know someone scored untill the horn goes off, and I see a team with their handis raised up in the air. I am not wired to process that so fast.
    But there are people that are wired that way. I totally admire the people who call the game on tv and radio. They have the ability not only to see the goal, and identify the quickly changing players on the ice...but they often can tell you before replay, that the goal went through the legs of 2 players, or slightly ticked off the skate of another player. That is a real talent.
    I will suspect that the average person at a hockey game cant keep track of who is on the ice at a given time. Probably couldnt name more than 2 players on their team, and probably zero players on the other team.
    I submit that a reason "fights;" are so popular in hickey, is that its the only action that takes place in "normal" time.You can see the action unfold like in a football game....without the lightening quickness of skating.
    Heck, when I am home watching hockey in hi def...there are many times they show a slow motion replay, and I still dont see the shot go in the net. Its that fast.
    I know there is alot more to hockey than scoring. Heck I was sin NJ when the Devils came on the scene and became a fan, and they became a great defensive team with common 2-1 scores...and those games were entertaining as well.

    3-Alcohol at sports events. I realize you arent a big fan of either team so it doesnt apply to your situation. However I cant understand why a real fan of a team would pay to go to a game and drink alcohol. Alcohol is a depressant. It reduces your awareness, and therefore reduces your ability to remember things you saw.(it does other things as well but i will focus on this one aspect of it). So why would someone go to a sporting event(or any event) where they were really into the team and players(or performing artist),....and reduce their ability to appreciate every image, every nuance of play, and reduce their ability to recall it later on, for the sake of getting "a buzz" during the performance. And especially in hockey, where things go so fast, having cognitive impairment from alcohol doesnt seem the way to go if you truly want to enjoy the nuts and bolts of the game to its fullest.....and remember it later as well.
    I realize like you said that most people there didnt know the was a tourist attraction for them, and most probably never went to a hockey game locally at home for their home in vegas I can see alcohol sales and usage. Its a "happening".

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    monet, for someone who claims minimal school education, you do have quite a good writing style.You could be a writer in some capacity if u ever went into another trade.
    A writer, huh?
    Are you sure?
    No, I’m not.
    Why do you want to work in a pickle factory?
    It reminds me of my grandmother.
    It does?
    She used to serve me pickles whenever I visited her.
    What do you write?
    Mostly short stories and I’m halfway through a novel.
    What’s it about?
    You mean, for instance, it’s about my cancer?
    How about my wife?
    She’s in there too.
    I wrote three or four short stories a week. I kept things in the mail. I imagined how the editors of The New Yorker must be reacting.
    Hey, here’s another one of those things from that nut.

    Classic Plagiarism here. The book is marvelous but the Movie really brings it to life IMO.

    No reason to claim that I am not educated in the classical sense. I ran away to Vegas when I was 16... who has time for the classroom. I got my education on the streets!

    However, it took me many years of weaving in and out of the City before I got dug in with some roots.
    Not all APs just come out here and start winning and never look back.

    Mr Z. says it best... most players come out here to be a Gambler but eventually, like the rest of us, they turn into a Scambler.
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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Mr Z. says it best... most players come out here to be a Gambler but eventually, like the rest of us, they turn into a Scambler.
    A problem gambler moving to Las Vegas makes about as much sense as a sex offender working in a daycare center.
    What, Me Worry?

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    it makes sense to the gambler and sex offender

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    A problem gambler moving to Las Vegas makes about as much sense as a sex offender working in a daycare center.
    I have never in all my years had a problem with gambling. It does appear that the problem has been my losing.

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    kind of like the words in the song..."i'm not afraid of flying.....I'm just afraid of crashing"

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    monet, for someone who claims minimal school education, you do have quite a good writing style.You could be a writer in some capacity if u ever went into another trade.

    Anyway there are alot of points worth commenting I will number them so as not to run on and on...........
    I suppose a good writing style for anyone is easy if they just type out what they think and feel. This only takes someone to be genuine and sincere and perhaps to act as if they are actually talking to someone instead of typing words into the computer. We all have our own personal talents and gifts. My first idea in the early 80s was to be a stockbroker. Next I thought about going into politics. My grandmother wanted me to be a preacher. I wanted to be a bookie. My economics teacher asked me what are you going to do with your life? I told him I'm not sure. He went on and on with a puzzled look on his face. I told him something about I am not going to become a teacher at some no place high school, babysitting the children of the world. I am not going to achieve tenure so that I can try to delude myself into thinking I am changing the world by asking teenagers what are they going to do with their lives. Furthermore, Mr. Shields, if you haven't studied the education system and how it originated and what it is really used for I suggest you get around to reading up on the subject. However to answer your question a little bit better I may or may not try to marry into money so that I do not have to worry about your question(s)!

    It is true that I did want to be a History Teacher/Professor. It is also true I thought of being a writer. It did seem that my compensations... wait that is my Casino Education kicking in. I meant, my writing compositions seemed to be enjoyed by the few English Teachers that I had. Of course all my poetry got thrown out the window by the committee who's job it was to decide what did or did not have the privilege to be published in some local 4 page publication. One of the members did seek me out and claimed that he was voted down since he was the only one that thought the poems were of value. However, those members didn't want to print the darker side of life inside of their publication.

    About your ability while watching hockey. I suppose it is very difficult for any individual to understand how another thinks and feels and processes. I make that mistake all the time. I forget that my own family doesn't think or react the same way and I get very short with them all the time. What can I say? I rule with an Iron Fist but I am fair and quick to beg for forgiveness. My advice for you, when you watch hockey, is to try to notice that the players close to the puck will have their sticks down on the ice. The players away from the puck will almost always be holding the stick up off of the ice. I am not sure this will help. It may or it may not. As you have stated, the game is lightning quick. One of the best games to watch, live, compared to watching on the television because you can get a better feel and see the action away from the puck better. IMO it certainly has more of the MOB mentality compared to other sporting events. Oddly enough I suggest that people take in a PGA event if given the chance. One could be bored to tears watching golf on television but in person it is completely different. You can walk anywhere on the grounds. You can watch your favorite player tee off or putt. You can follow them or others. You basically are free to roam the grounds in every aspect. This is something that usually can not be done because you need to be a member or you have to be invited to the grounds. You will notice a complete difference between the playing grounds of a PGA Event compared to your very own public course. I swear they are playing on a sponge. Let us not forget that they have beer carts roaming all over and beer stations set up with more reasonable prices but as always you can sneak in a few cans of your own favorite brew. Also, is their another sporting event where you can walk side by side of the elite or aristocrats of society? They literally let you walk within a few feet of these players all day long for four days!? The world is cruel and unfair.

    About the drinking while watching events. People like to drink. Mr V made a comment about problem gamblers moving to Vegas. Try not to be misinformed. Plenty of fully functional alcoholics in the world. To be honest plenty of addicts in the world who are able to function in one capacity or another. How can you stop an alcoholic from drinking while watching barbaric behavior? I'm not sure that is possible. These guys are paying 13 dollars per fake lite beer for goodness sake. I might not have a problem with a 13 dollar beer if it was of the Bock nature. Not to mention these NHL tickets cost around 100 dollars per the minimum just for a few hours of escape. Let's quote Chinaski again...

    "The racetrack crowd is the world brought down to size, life grinding against death and losing. Nobody wins finally, we are just seeking a reprieve, a moment out of the glare."

    Blinding Glare might of been better. I suppose that is overkill... you don't need to say blinding.

    I am not so sure it was as touristy as one might think. Remember a good 30 to 40% of the crowd was in red and those Calgary fans know hockey. That is what they learn in Canada right? Hockey, Curling and Fiddle? I did notice many people behind me asking questions and making unsure statements about what they were watching. That is pretty common for any sport and maybe even more so in Hockey.

    The last thing I will comment about your post is that you mentioned something about me wanting to break away from my father by choosing the Lions as a team to root for instead of the Steelers. I don't get into psychoanalysis but now that you mention it I have to admit that it makes clear and perfect sense. I just don't want to hear the BS about how mommy and daddy didn't love me enough or something along those lines. Don't give me that Billy Jack BS Sigmund!

    I did forget to mention that technically my education was completed at the 9th grade level as stated before although technically it might really be 8th grade depending on how one judges the completion or grading. That was a long time ago so I am not sure how it works technically. One thing about me. I do not have a photographic memory like someone might think where they can remember every word of a book. I don't know how to explain it really. It seems that my memory is like a sponge soaking up all sorts of information with the ability to retain it for decades or even a lifetime. For some reason I can remember conversations from 30 some odd years ago. I remember almost everyone's name I came into contact with. I seem to remember all sorts of winning and losing poker hands over the course of 25 years. I remember things clearly from 5 years old on up like it was some movie playing inside of my head. It gets troublesome because I will run into the family who doesn't remember anything that I am talking about. So when I read books or movies or whatever information is being presented to me it just seems to stick inside for some strange reason. The problem is to remember not everyone is wired like that and to try to keep the emotions in check when we begin to argue. I am very argumentative which is also a problem in life. I have many troubles... don't we all!?
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    you had economics in or before 9th grade?

    And we all in a way do things to be our own person to break away from our parents. Its normal. My mom kept hammering in me that I would be a MD. So did I listen? Nope, I picked my own profession. And i did it purposely so that I could say it was my choice in life. Sometimes we do these things on purpose or sometimes subconsciously.

    Good parents, bad parents....doesnt matter...most people want to break away and be our own person.

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    you had economics in or before 9th grade?
    Here is how it went down. After 8th grade my father met a woman who had 2 girls that I actually went to elementary school with up to the 7th grade. During 7th and 8th grade I banged in and out of 4 different schools. During the Summer before 9th grade my father and this lady decided to make a go out of it and put us all together in a decent house with a huge yard in the back and front. My dad was working as a computer engineer for some company at that time. Maybe he was just an Engineer, not sure what the correct terminology is but it is a pretty meaningless job IMO and unexpected for his style and background. Anyhoo... during the early months of the ninth grade I was over my grandmothers/uncles for the weekend because he probably wanted some space and time to get the sarcastic little ----sucker out of the way. Of course he liked to drink. He liked to tell people... You feel froggy mother f er... JUMP! LOL that is a gem. I can still hear him saying that. Excuse me while I laugh for some time before I can type again.

    Where was I. Oh right. So he comes over in his 350 4 barreled Chevy Pick Up Truck that is basically indestructible. He is pretty well hammered. He tries to talk his brother or my uncle into coming with him but gets refuted. Later I find out that he is arrested and I will not be going back to that house and if I do go back it will be to pick up some personal items. Some sort of domestic dispute without harm to any individual but I guess he rammed that truck into the garage door over and over until the cops decided to show up on the scene. Needless to say my dad was good at dealing with cops and wasn't shady like myself trying to slip away in the shadows. He liked to confront that nonsense head on. I'd rather go 2000 miles away and forget it. So he really didn't get in much trouble. Some fines. He had to pay for the damage. He got some restraining order on him against the lover but I don't think he had any intention to see her anymore.

    So we ended up down by the river ironically because I told RS that is where he would end up soon enough. We lived out a few summer months fishing and partying and swimming and making it basically. Now Football Season was just around the corner and my father was like your not going back to school. Your not playing football. I was like BS... I'm playing Football! So what did I do. I left. I hitchhiked down to this small burb that we lived at in the year prior. I went to the only police station. They called my grandmother. She said like The United States in Lil' Hitler from Robot Chicken... Not my Problem. So they put me in some waiting area or maybe it was some modern day orphanage. Whatever it is it is State Run and they put you through the system until they find a Foster Family for you. So that worked out. I got a place to live and started to play Football and go back to school. Seemed good to me until for some strange reason when Basketball Season rolled around I got straight F's and was not eligible to participate. Mother F'ers. I didn't know that grades coincided with eligibility to play scholastic sports. What do you expect from a dumb Pennsylvanian Hick?? Alright you bastards... I'll play your game. Straight A's the next quarter and back to being eligible for Baseball. I am not sure what happened here though. 16 years old and I woke up right before the start of the new season and I said I am going to Vegas. I even told the girl in one of my classes that I was going and she freaked out and I had to explain to her that I was joking. I am not running away even though I knew I was. She bought it and calmed down... it wasn't even like we were friends. I don't understand why she got all upset. Perhaps some hidden crush on me... I dunno.

    So bag packed and heading out to school but instead going down to the railroad tracks to the PA Turnpike only I didn't know that it was the PA turnpike because from my perspective I had to cross the tracks and the creek and walk up some mountain to climb over the guard rail to start hitching a ride with cars whizzing by at 80mph. Needless to say it only took a few mins before the State Hwy Patrol picked me up and questioned me. They didn't even ask why I wasn't in school. I made up some story that I was going to visit my grandfather in the VA Hospital which ironically I did do. This copper took me in the car and gave me a ride to the exit. Told me you would have to walk a couple miles and the VA Hospital was on top of that very large hill. It was a steep uphill grade to walk but I got it done. I said hello to my vegetable of a grand pa who got that way for over 20 years total after a stroke. I gave him the official baseball that I caught at a Pirate Game. He refused but I insisted. Not much a Vegetable can do to stop you anyway. I parted ways and went and sold my Sega Genesis to a local shop for 50 bucks.

    Long Story short I made it to Vegas for a day or so. After that over to Phoenix to visit my Aunt. Eventually back to my Grandmothers in PA. She said you should go find your mother in Portland Maine. Ok lets do it. She got me a ticket to Atlantic City and gave me 50 bucks. I lost that in a few seconds playing dice at Trumps or Taj... I forget which one. I hitched up to Maine. I am trying to keep the story shorter now. I am really pouring it on here. So I found my mother. I spent a few weeks with her. I got caught stealing quarters out of my half sisters 5 gallon water bottle. I didn't realize she drew a line on it and checked it all the time. Who is the more evil? Someone stealing quarters or someone putting quarters out in the open with the bottle marked because she doesn't trust her own mother and father... I dunno, who cares? I got busted and we were cool. Of course I used the tactic to my mother about what the F do you care? Who the F are you? You weren't there when I was sick or had bronchitis every year growing up... blah blah blah. Sure I turned it around on her pretty good.

    Her father, my grandfather was pretty excited. Wanted to take care of me. Never had a boy he only had daughters. He told them they couldn't handle me financially. Long story trying to stay shorter here. I moved to Concord NH. Now the school year starts. They get my transcripts and I guess I have enough credits to start the 10th grade year but I have enough to actually take more courses and do double duty so that I could complete the 10th and 11th grade in one fell swoop. It was going pretty good and this is actually the school that the teacher came from that blew up in that rocket ship to the moon. Fun school actually. Completely different and progressive. I suppose it is more like a college grounds. You could roam the grounds and go across the street to a local pizza joint. This school had classes like Poetry and Economics.

    Now you see how I got to Economics class. Technically in the 10/11th grade. However if you go back to my records I believe that one could easily state that I only have an 8th grade education. I can also see someone arguing that it is technically a 9th grade education. Someone with more progressive thinking might state it is a 10th or 11th grade education. Either way it does not matter. Perhaps you might want to read the last paragraph in my last post about how my memory works. I added that later. Thanks for reading and I hope all that read these posts enjoy the sharing of real life, real world experiences.
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    Also, please forgive me my Economics Teacher was Mr. Pike not Mr. Shields. Shields was my History teacher after thinking about it for a few hours.

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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Not much a Vegetable can do to stop you anyway.
    Lettuce assume he didn't carrot all.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Lettuce assume he didn't carrot all.
    You will have to excuse me for not replying faster. I was able to catch (Shane) on Encore. Those bastards in Hollywood sure do know how to hypnotize people like me with a story and specific music at key points. I do like the line at the end with Shane and Wilson (Jack Palance)

    Shane: So you're Jack Wilson.
    Wilson: What's that mean to you, Shane?
    Shane: I've heard about you.
    Wilson: And what've you heard, Shane?
    Shane: I've heard that you're a low-down Yankee liar.
    Wilson: Prove it.


    Very clever indeed! I have to hand it to you, although I do wonder if you came up with this on your own or borrowed it. I admit that my response about gambling and losing was not of my own accord. That certainly is a saying I have heard time and time again over the years. I wouldn't doubt that people have been using the joke about gambling and losing for thousands of years prior.

    I do enjoy how out of the two large posts, about my very own past, you only pick out very specific points and for a lack of a better term... stick the needle in.

    I actually have a hard time understanding how such a small sentence can make me laugh. How it can enrage me. How it impressed me. How it made me post so much about it. On and on. All and all pretty impressive in my book! Well Played kind Sir!

    I will check back soon. I have to be the worst interior decorator alive. I am really bad at it and I have messed about with learning for over 10 years now on the subject. This is definitely something that I am weak at. Recently I have changed my floors over downstairs to the faux wood tile and decided to learn about Persian Rugs. I changed over the blinds to curtains and the furniture to an 84 inch sofa with two electric recliners. Amish Entertainment Center along with the Tables and Chairs that we never use for the dining table and I mean never. Anyways new paint all over the walls that I want to repaint to change the color again. If anything will drive me nuts it is interior decorating and it seems horticulture as well. I could just spend the money to hire professionals but what would I learn from that?
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    I would like to recommend the movie Miller's Crossing to those forum members who haven't seen it.

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    I am heading out tonight to watch the Penguin Game in some local Bar and after that taking the family to Game 1 against the Sharks. It should be fun. I gambled on the series against the Kings because I figured I would go to game 5 but since the Knights swept the Kings I missed out.

    One thing I noticed on VividSeats is that the prices in Vegas are at least double the price compared to other Venues. If you want VIP treatment in Vegas they are asking anywhere from 800 to 1600 per ticket. Just the nosebleeds alone are around 150-250 per ticket. I searched getting tickets for the games over in San Jose or LA and the prices were far less. You could get any seat in the lower level for around 150 to 200 per ticket. The nose bleeds were like 75 dollars.

    Not a big deal but it is amazing what they charge in Vegas for the NHL compared to the rest of the league. It does appear that the Casinos have been slow on tickets for the Knights this year but that will change next year. I seen Stations already doing something for season tickets for next season.

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    After last nights game... 7-0... they hooked me pretty good. It seems I will be going to all the home and road games for the rest of the season/playoffs. Just too much damn fun.

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    They crushed it last night. I think a lot of their success is do to Fleury. If they get a couple goals it is over. The other team is demoralized as they know how hard it is to get the puck past the guy. It is like they just want to get off the ice and come back to try again next time. A lot of lower section seats were 4K from what I was hearing.

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    Originally Posted by MaxPen View Post
    They crushed it last night. I think a lot of their success is do to Fleury. If they get a couple goals it is over. The other team is demoralized as they know how hard it is to get the puck past the guy. It is like they just want to get off the ice and come back to try again next time. A lot of lower section seats were 4K from what I was hearing.
    Actually that is if you buy the seats ahead of time. The trick is on Vividseats...go to the MGM or NYNY and relax at a bar or whatever. Keep checking your cell phone on vividseats app on the games. I was at the NYNY last night to watch the Pens/Capitals game. We left during the second intermission and went to our seats around 6pm or so. I watched the Pens come back in the third period on the NBCSN app while watching the Knights/Sharks pregame warm up. Warning... the pregame warm up is very, very loud. I need earplugs actually. It didn't help that our seats were in the upper section which seems to be louder. It is a fact that the DB level was around 150 in that building.

    So my point is I was checking if tickets were still selling on Vividseats around 6:30pm To my surprise you could get some primo lower level seats from 85 dollars to 200 dollars depending on where. Of course center ice or the blue line were the 200 dollar seats but you could get some great seats behind the goal where the Knights shoot twice for 85 dollars each if you bought two!! That is pretty sick. Interesting note is that all the upper deck seats were sold out and only lower level were open. It seems that is the trick to wait right before the game and the prices drop dramatically. This was also true for the regular season. I wasn't hip to this but I learned after my second game at this venue.

    4k is crazy. I am sure someone paid that. You can get GS 1, 2, or 3 which is VIP free food and drinks for around 1000 to 1500. I seen some seats in the Luxury Boxes going for 700 to 900.

    My problem was that I needed three tickets and that is tricky. You can't gamble and wait for the prices to drop. If you want 3 tickets you have to buy somewhat early on. I ended up paying 210 dollars total for 637 dollars total for three tickets up in the upper level but in the 4th row so it isn't a much different view compared to the Luxury Boxes for far less. I could of got them a little cheaper but not much. Anyways 600 for that fun is worth it to me. I also found out that at times if I bought 4 tickets it was cheaper than buying 3 tickets. The only thing bad about vividseats or apps like this are the fees. They charge around 50 dollars a ticket just in fees so it is like your paying for an extra ticket that you don't get but you really don't have a choice if you want to go to the game. My tickers were about 160 each but after fees they move up to 210. It is America after all.

    Many angles to get cheap seats but gone are the days of buying tickets on the street from the guys with the signs or the psst buddy!?

    I am planning on going tomorrow at 5pm. I will go early again and watch the Bruins against the Lightning and keep checking the phone for updated prices and when they drop low enough I'll buy two of them. It might not work as good on the weekend compared to a Thursday night. Also Sun-Thur they had a happy hour place in NY NY and beers were only 3 dollars which is pretty amazing for NY NY and food was cheap as well but we had dinner prior. However when you have a drunk in the family... 3 dollar beers are worth it and that place was slow with good seats and a big TV to watch hockey.

    Oh by the way... the stairs on the upper level are much steeper compared to the lower level. I was worried about my uncle... I went in front of him in case he stumbled from being inebriated and just plain old and not very good with balance. He made it though and had a great time.

    They scored 3 goals in 90 seconds so as soon as you sat down cheering you had to jump back up again and cheer again. It was nuts!
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