Hi All:

As you probably know, legal sports betting in the US is only currently allowed in Nevada. However, I understand that the amount of off shore and illegal sports betting dwarfs the Nevada books.

New Jersey has filed a lawsuit to allow sports betting and challenged the Federal government obstacle to expansion outside of Nevada. In December 2017 the US Supreme Court held an oral argument on this matter. A major legal commentator concluded that a majority of the Supreme Court would side with New Jersey and allow sports betting. A ruling has yet to be announced.


From my reading, a win for New Jersey would open up sports betting in any other state that wanted it. Given the proliferation of casinos in the US, if allowed, I assume other states would allow sports betting.

It seems to me that William Hill would be the best stock to invest in should sports betting outside Nevada be allowed because it is a major stand alone book. One of my friends have suggested to me that the chance of a ruling to allow sports betting has already been priced into the stock which has gone up since December. On the other hand, I do not think many investors have really focused on this nor the huge pent up demand for legal sports books.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?