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Thread: Best Value Total Rewards Vegas Properties Dining Options That Accept RC's For Payment

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    I would like to hear people's thoughts on the best value food options at Caesars properties in Vegas that accept RC's for payment. Not necessarily the cheapest but if that happens to also be the best value so be it. A few that come to my mind are "The Basic" breakfast at Hash House A Go Go at the Linq for $9.50 and the huge slices of specialty pizza's from Pin Up Pizza at Planet Hollywood for $6.75. Thanks for your input!

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    Hi AFF:

    Thanks for the suggestions you have. When I go to Vegas I like to have at least one great steakhouse dinner with my friends. For me that is BLT at Bally's. I particularly love the warm cheese popovers served with whipped butter and salt instead of the typical dinner rolls. I find it a better value than other CET steakhouses like Homestead at Ceasars or Gordon Ramsey Steak at Paris.

    As a kicker, if you buys a $5 "Dining Card" you will save 20% on your BLT bill. So if you assume you spend $75 per person, you will net a savings of $10. See

    I have used it and I was not treated as some peasant for using a discount. I was able to charge the balance to my Reward Credits or room charge.


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    I actuallt think the best value are the casino buffets when you get the 24h pass for 54.99 or for 49.99 when paid with reward credits. You can easily squezze 4 meals, if not 5, and they do have really nice food.

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    Lunch at Mesa Grill is a very good value.

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    Are you asking about the best value cheap meals, such as Hash House a Go Go, or are you asking for the best way to use it for a nice dinner?

    FYI I would stay away from using them at Old Homestead, as those prices are very inflated, even by hotel restaurant standards. It's just an okay prime steakhouse, yet the prices are substantially higher than all prime steakhouses I've been to.

    BTW, provided the place is Caesars owned, you will NOT be taxed on meals paid with RCs, so you save another 8% there.
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