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Thread: Universities

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    What is a "tor browser"? Ha. I'm almost afraid to Google it.
    True addicts are incredibly credible. Gambling is just another word for keep losing. Nothing "sweeter" than watching people try to make something out of an internet gambling site. A bozo's set of bozos whether system or advantage players. Both types to whichever degree could make billions in the markets if any of that stuff actually worked. It's great to be a spectator of gambling, and not to have one leg and arm stuck in the "grave" like the cunts, cowards and crackpots here. Forever 57.

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    This is Tor.

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    Tor always gets the girl.

    Hello, roofies.
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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Las Vegas is not a complete cultural wasteland; the Smith Center is supposed to be nice, and there is a philharmonic, theater etc.

    But its addiction to and dependence upon casinos certainly sucks up the souls of their myriad employees, making them so jaded that it is tough for them to see the beauty of anything abstract.
    You are giving Vegas too much credit. This isn't your fault. For the last 30 years they have tried to make Vegas something it isn't. I was playing a machine on Friday night at 1am. For 20 mins all I could hear was a crying baby in the background near the food court area. Vegas isn't really for families or the stroller crowd. It isn't supposed to be for education or culture either. Don't get me wrong. I go to the Smith center but seeing symphonies or musicals at the Smith Center is kinda like watching a high school production compared to those real professionals in NY, London or Moscow.

    About the education... this state ranks either dead last or close to it in education so who wants to send children here. It is hard enough for parents to send children out of state to I Usually Party Universities... now you want to send your 18 year old daughter to Sin City the Mecca of Evil. Not an easy sell to a loving father!?

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    pre-2000's they promoted vegas as a family attraction. But then they stopped that. Then they promoted the ""naughty" angle with "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas"...not exactly asking for you to being kids along,
    Still there are idiot parents who being their kids to vegas, or reno casinos. Some casinos have srcades to keep some interest..but after a couple hours I cant see a kid being engaged past the first few days. Plus who wants to leave their kids alone while you go off and gamble. Not normal responsible parents..for sure

    the casinos get a watered down version of headliners...who give a "fuller" show in concert halls. I would guess LV is like reno.Only a small percentage of the folks that live within a 25 mile radius dont enter a casino . Thery live regular lives with 9-5 jobs and kids, and church, boyscouts/girlscouts and PTA meetings.

    I am retiring to reno and gambling is down the list. I would never move somewhere where gambling is my main concern. Especially since my main games are poker and sports betting. There is plenty of ways for me to partake in both without me buying a second home.

    Reno has the same issues with entertainment. The theater plays are not of broadway quality, the headlines playing casinos would rather be in a concert hall in nebraska where they know that every person in the audience is there to see them, rather than just being there because of a comp. There is no major art museum.. But nice historic places to visit. Plus driving distnce to tahoe,

    I dont think there is enough people to support anything of higher quality culturally. You need a big city for that. High rises, people on top of people. Numbers.

    vegs and reno dont have the "numbers"

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    Portland is expected to experience the largest cost of living increase in 2018 compared to the other metro areas included in this study. And it's also predicted to experience the second-highest increase in rent.

    Between 2016 and 2017, this popular city saw the largest increase in cost of consumer products and services. A separate GOBankingRates study found that the average income in Portland is not enough to keep up with the rising costs of living there."""

    PS sanfran is also in the top 10. It was number 5. Portland is number 1

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    A buddy of mine bought a house on the edge of The Pearl District in Portland for $212K 18 years ago; now he wants to sell, and the broker estimates it will go for $1.1 Million.
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    thats good. Thats a compunded rate on his money of 9-10 percent. My home over that 18 year period is approx 5.5 percent compounded return. Me and your friend bought at the same time. Our homes are worth the same....although I payed double his price. Another good reason to leave Ca.

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