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Thread: Con men

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    the last thing I need is someonel ooking for brownie points from the remaining mods to give me a lesson in etiquette.
    At least I speak directly to the person unlike you who on GG name called from a distance.....jackals

    If anything he should appreciate someone who is honest and not underhanded as you were at an alternate life there.

    would you like to go on wov and call the wiz.."unmanly" as you did on GG?

    the fact remains that mission, wiz, BBB and face created the culture over there through their actions over the years that set up the lynching. It came back to bite him in the ass. The people with backbone who could have helped him are long gone. Leaving you to help him after all the smoke has cleared. Well good for you. You are a brave soul.

    I am here. He can debate me. I dont have to toss grenades from a safe distance.

    why dont you be brave, and go to wov and scold the people who posted 25 pages of negativity. Why not scold THEM that mission has had enough.Maybe after the 5th page. But now that the lynching is complete and you and the others got their their pound of flesh, you and they are the princess of moderation.

    I dont decide my opinion based on which way the wind is blowing like you do. I am consistent. And its worth pointing out that the wiz acted cowardly as he also did with KJ. And that mission had a hand in creating the climate and culture that lead to his undoing.

    I warned about this culture for years. And the mods defended it. So now as you say he had to eat shit. Because of his actions and because the mods sat by silently. Heck based on his response...mission sat by silently as well and showed no outrage about the info trickling in. So all in all they all deserve each other.

    The wiz stated clearly that he wants people who break the rules to be shamed. And thats why he says he wont eliminate the suspension list. So" mission accomplished" with mission.....he was made to eat shit as you put it. Just like the wov culture demands....shaming is a bitch isnt it. Yet when the wiz stated that he wanted the suspension board to shame people, not one mod disagreed or dissented.

    So if thats the culture that is created by wiz, and perpetuated by the mods......why should I feel sorry for the shaming of a mod......If its good enough for the munchkins its good enough for the mods.

    in a way the dont let the door hit you on the way out attitude was just fine for the masses to use on mission. The bye bye you are the weakest link mod was an example of turnabout is fair play.

    mission is a big boy.he spent years helping to create the culture that did him in. AN unforgiving culture. A back and white culture, with no empathy when it counts. A culture of rules and regs and people clamoring for punishment anf gladly quenched by the mods. A symbiotic relationship......people love to punish and people love to see punishment. They all feed off of each others.

    And after the blood letting, and lynching, they all sit around with filled bellies and say "others should be more gentle"..who can we critique to show humanity for a person we publicly castrated.

    nice try dude.
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    Something nobody has mentioned or perhaps a few people have mentioned it without much discussion. This is interesting because Mission only would step down as a Mod if he kept his other interests that are a paying gig. So in effect he doesn't really eat the sandwich you speak of. If anything it's a slight slap on the wrist going from green to blue. No punishment really... actually one could see it as a release from tedious work like reading threads that wouldn't be read otherwise. One thing is clear... you can tell Mike to jump off a cliff and you'll get a suspension... tell mike to GFY and your nuked!

    I am shocked to see all the people who believe being a Mod at WoV doesn't have financial rewards one way or the other. It reminds me how this one buddy of Mike said that his friendship with him had nothing to do with anything monetary. Tough to believe that your an AP befriending a guy like Mike and defending him all the time and you don't reap any rewards financially in one way or another.

    Truth be told. Awhile back before my demise or sarcastic nature online I was invited to the den of AP 40 dollar Wizard Poker game but I immediately declined. Could it of benefited me in the long run increasing my hourly? I have to admit it most likely couldn't of hurt but I'm stubborn. I made it on my own by myself in Vegas before and during these guys. I'm in a position of FU... so many times I don't want to meet people... especially the APs who claim being so moral and honest. I'm busy...I got my own troubles.
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    thats true, but Mr V tends to sway with the wind....he will stand with the lynch mob, and then later when its all over he will be the one to tell them when enough is enough.

    anyway.....if mission doesnt have the credibility any longer to monitor a gambling message board. If people are saying that they wouldnt be able to trust him to protect their interests when monitoring a board. Then why would they feel that he has their interests in mind when writing an article

    I guess the answer is that the articles are also for people who never read the message boards and know nothing about the cred issue.

    so he still keeps his livelyhood...which is good.

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    I am shocked to see all the people who believe being a Mod at WoV doesn't have financial rewards one way or the other.

    I do think that being a mod can carry some weight. And thats what its all about with WoN.....just sitting at a table with a wov mod lends cred to Won......and all mission kept sayings is "I didnt say anything at the table". And that was a weak reply.
    So yes I agree as a mod on wov, there are more people probably willing to trust you in a "play" or invite you into a "play", or even use you like WoN was able to do by just hanging in public.

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    In your never-ending attempts to achieve your goal of shaming the shamer who shamed you (the Wiz), you LarryS. are using Mission as an expendable pawn, and he deserves better.

    Hell, you just wrote of Mission at PB: "He like face would indeed enter the lions den and go face to face with detractors. That shows confidence and a sense of nothing to hide.
    he came on GF and stuck up for himself and answered questions, although he didnt have to. Face did the same.
    he was very open and candid."

    Sounds like a good dude, doesn't it?

    Then in your attempts to link the WoN / Mission clusterfuck to the wiz you blithely throw Mission under the bus.

    If this is how you treat one of the few people you grudgingly seem to admire, I'd hate to see how you treat your detractors.

    Oh never mind, that little morality play unfolds daily.

    So go ahead, throw another corpse against the wall, maybe sooner or later you'll be able to claw up the pile, scale the ramparts, and face The Dark Lord in your much-desired Final Battle.

    "There can be only one!"
    What, Me Worry?

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    I will do that as you call the manager of the wov message board a jackal and unmanly. from a distance,

    the fact is that as I was banned in the middle of suggesting that there should be better customer service and members should be treated better, with more respect, seems maintaining the reverse culture that existed caused the cluster fuck.

    And 2 things can be equally true. I can admire mission for participating in debate and answering questions. And I can blame him for helping to perpetuate the culture at wov that did him in.

    the fact that I weigh the positive and the negative proves I dont need you as a board monitor telling me what is proper or balanced.

    it was you that stood aside as he was pummeled and didnt do much to defend him. You never criticized the wiz or others for the goal to shame members that broke rules. So now mission got a taste of the culture he helped to create. A culture that MrV gladly allowed to simmer and brew without a complaint....because after all "its mikes house".

    So the people that remain should be the last ones to be wringing their hands......they accepted the culture....they walked on eggshells to keep from disturbing that culture....and now the culture ravaged a mod and guilt is setting in. And now after the carnage, munchkins like MrV emerge and talk about the brutality of it all.

    such hypocrites

    Mission didnt resign because of what I SAID HERE ON ANOTHER BOARD. He resigned based on the responses from wov members. Go yell at them. Go tell them they are too brutal, and while you are at it ...look in the mirror as you stood by.

    the reason he ate shit was not because of was because of you and the other munchkins...acting in a culture he help to perpetuate.

    so spare me the finger pointing.

    and if anyone needs a reason mission needs no longer to be a mod.....the answer I give is....."you know why".

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    meanwhile the the guy that owes me 5k is reading this and still probably still insists that me and MrV are the same person. not the brightest/

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    I don't think the "culture" at WoV led to him resigning as much as the targeted accusations of a few members caused him to conclude "Fuck it, who needs this shit."

    There are detractors and doubters throughout the internet, WoV is not unique in that regard.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Thanks to MisterV for everything he's saying.

    Quick response to Monet:

    People with kids generally don't resign from their primary employment without another job in place, I don't think. If my Administration (which I always thought to be volunteer and it was) and writing were somehow thought of as a, "Package deal," then I obviously could not resign from both without alternate primary employment in place. I believe that would be irresponsible to my kids, which I believe are supposed to be one's primary responsibility.

    Anyway, I would have remained in both contexts, found some other form of (probably traditional) employment, then resigned from both upon starting that.
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    I'm on your side Mission. Even if something horrible comes out and everyone says your the Devil, that doesn't bother me. I was just stating the obvious that what happened to you wasn't a big deal, or it seems like nothing big to me. You went from green to blue and that's that. It may have cost you more behind the scenes but on the surface it looks like a slap on the wrist. Truth be told and I think you might understand this... I find it all humorous. I can't explain it but it seems that from my perspective these boards are more important than just typing out our ideas, feelings and opinions. From over here it sorta looks like a battleground and any battleground worth fighting for comes down to cash in this world. Forgive me though of my insensitive nature at being entertained by others good and bad fortune. Remember, I've always admitted to everyone that I'm the bad guy and not very agreeable.

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    I don't think the "culture" at WoV led to him resigning as much as the targeted accusations of a few members caused him to conclude "Fuck it, who needs this shit."

    There are detractors and doubters throughout the internet, WoV is not unique in that regard.
    thats not the reality of the situation
    Wov as I have said many ties is a site that has an " gotcha" culture
    Members cry someone insulted them....and a punishment ensues. Letting the site evolve into a group of people who love to give out punishment and those who love to see punishment.
    Heck, in the middle of the mission thread, some person was asking if the original poster of the deleted post needed to be punished for doxing.
    Thats the mentality over there.
    And when there is punishment, there are people who give post-mortems giving encouragement to the punisher. Its all very symbiotic. Everyone gets off on each other and the culture they preserve. People like myself that questioned that culture are long gone. The remaining folks like that climate.

    There is also a climate put forth by the wizard and not challenged that people who break rules need to be shamed. His own words. No one has challenged that. That culture is fine and dandy. So its ok to suspend someone and announce that "you are the weakest link".....right in line with the shame factor. Who could object. Its "mikes house" and mike says shaming is fine.

    Mike says people are disposable.....dont let the door hit you...if you dont like something. THe value of people is zero. He provides the board and everyone else are disposible "takers". Worthless.

    So in a culture where people are not valued,are disposible, a gotcha a "we need to see punishment" a shaming culture, in a "i like to punish when i am in a bad mood" culture......surprise.....finally a mod got caught up in fury.

    And the people who stood bye and encouraged it with giving props to the mods for administering punishment share the blame
    And the people who stood on the side and said nothing share the blame
    And the people w ho thought the manager of the site suspending people to improve his mental health and said nothing because its >mikes hose"....SHARE THE BLAME
    And the people when hearing the wiz's view about shaming, who said nothing....share the blame

    But one person that doesnt share the blame is lil ole me..who posts on this site..away from the tumult, because I havent had the ability for years to post there. Lil ole me who has talked about the need for management not to jump everytime someone calls for a punishment, or everytime they see an opportunity to punish the right person.

    People on this site arent whining and complaining that someone used the "f" word....or someone was insulting. That happened when I first got here and kj and mc threw a fit and were not listened too...and they learned that the wov tactics dont work here. It seems the admin here doesnt need to inflict shame, or punishment in order to feel good. He lets us give opinions and talk frankly sometimes using words that gamblers and other adults use in social sotuations without the "gotcha" angle.

    So mission got caught up in a "gotcha" situation......and to the wiz, he like everyone else is expendable . Bye bye MISSION the mod.

    Am I happy about that? Nope. If he enjoyed working for free like that.......who am i to begrudge someone finding joy.

    He tells me to shut up......but there are plenty of others he could say that to on wov. But then he would be involved in another series of "gotcha" events. He says its none of my business that the wiz sold the business for alot of money. Except the wiz made it my business by asking for money while this was being negotiated, and even having the nerve to ask why one wouldnt give. And then not even first offering to give back the money till someone on the thread said WTF. Only then did he offer to either give it back or donate to charity. So yeah its my business.
    And still the mods didnt even get a thank you card with a 2 dollar keychain from walmart.

    But its ok to tell me to shut up....over here i dont need a pound of flesh, over here i dont need to see his name on a suspension list so I can feel all warm and fuzzy, over here I can handle frank and even emotional conversation.....without punishment.

    But on the other site its all about shame, punishment, gotcha moments....and the people there both mods and members bathe in the glow that culture provides.
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    I think the worst part of the whole thing is that the Wizard says he suspected that WoN was SaP but didn't have enough proof to ban WoN because he wasn't sure that he was SaP. However this goes on well over a year and it takes me to bust his balls hard enough that he says ok I have to ban WoN now because I banned Monet... what a bunch of lying bologna in my opinion.
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