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Thread: Louisiana Bill Protects Skilled Gamblers

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    I quit working for a living when I figured out I didn't have to work 40 hours a week to be broke.

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    I think that law will be effectively meaningless. It says a casino cant eject you because of your skill, but let's say they make up some other crap like a player complaining about your appearance or something you said or did to them... Sure you could fight it, but sometimes the juice isn't worth the squeeze. On the other hand, if that one specific casino is really that important, just come back on a different shift wearing a hat and glasses like everyone else does.

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    Prepare for every BJ game in Louisiana to become 6/5 with CSMs

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    BTW... Thanks to the Minnesota Fats quote I've been watching old pool matches on YouTube for 3 days now. What a character!

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    It'll work, if passed, just like MO and NJ. It needs to go further and prevent casino from using countermeasures as well.

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    I know a UX player in MO that checks two machines at once, sometimes three. He looks like an octopus when he does it. I never see him in the pinnacle properties. Pretty sure he was ejected for being ridiculous (taking machines from ploppies)... And IMO, that's a good thing. Could you possibly bring any more attention to yourself???

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