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Thread: I'm All Over Kansas

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    like white on rice

    it looks like Kansas is a 5 or 5.5 point dog to Villanova

    doesn't seem right to me and so it seems like Kansas is a good bet especially if you can get 5.5

    sports stats geek Jeff Sagarin gives Kansas a 91.87 point rating and gives Villanova a 95.59 point rating

    that's a 3.72 point difference based on what those figures are meant to represent

    not that Sagarin knows all or is infallible but still Kansas looks good to me getting this many points for other reasons

    Sagarin's stats also indicated that the Big 12 is a tougher conference than the Big East
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    the thing about basketball is that you could be totally team could be in front by more than 3 points all game....but then in the last minute we get villanova ahead by 3 with the ball and 22 seconds left and the ball. The fouls begin...and 3 points can become 6-7 real fast.

    Villanovas last win was impressive because they shot horribly from 3 point range....and still won. Their bread and butter are 3 pointers.

    2 different teams...Villanova doesnt have alot of size,...and can shot 3's. While Kansas is a bigger team and dont need three pointers.

    the thing about the college game is that they foul excessively at the end of the game(usually) which makes the under hard to deal with. For example I saw this 2-3 weeks ago. A team is down by 12 with 18 seconds to go. The drive down court and shot a 3. Its now a 9 point game with 11 seconds to go...and they foul. In college they cant advance the ball with a timeout.....yet in the final 11 seconds, they would need to foul 3 times, and go down court and make 3-3's while the other team missed 6 foul shots. So I could see either team winning by 6.

    6 is not a hard number to attain when one team has a 2-3 point deficit without possession of the ball in the last 30 seconds.
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