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Thread: Morality of prostitution debate

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    This thread is to elaborate on something that was brought up in the WoV thread here

    Pepe... You are out of your flipping mind if you think prostitution or prostitutes are a victimless crime. I don't even have to research the subject very much to prove you wrong. It is a known fact that many hookers are abused from family members at a very young age or are controlled by someone like a pimp.
    Many does not mean all, and that is irrelevant from a libertarian perspective of morality. The libertarian perspective of morality is not concerned with the past circumstances that cause a decision but only with whether that particular act or transaction in that moment violates the Non Aggression Principle. Therefore if there is a pimp involved the only one committing an immoral act is the pimp, unless the john is knowingly transacting with the pimp instead of the girl.

    It is also known that the sex slave trade runs rampant turning little girls into paid whores or just sex slaves period for wealthy aristocrats.
    Much like drugs, this is a result of it being illegal rather than an inherent trait of the business.

    Next Pepe you have plenty of hookers running scams on Johns or outright strong arming them so stop this nonsense about a victimless crime.
    This is like saying because Bernie Madoff ran a stock scam all stock investing is immoral.

    Try to tell the IRS that nonsense.
    From the libertarian perspective the very existence of the IRS is much more immoral than the world's oldest profession.

    Now I will postscript this by saying I am arguing these points from the libertarian perspective of morality (which like all attempts at universal moral systems, is flawed), not my own.

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    I'm not even sure what "morality" means, so I'll keep my mouth shut on that. All I'll bring up is that "prostitution" covers such a wide array of behaviors and situations that vary from culture to culture and specifics of the contexts that the word itself covers so much ground it has almost zero meaning. Most of the negativity associated with "prostitution" has to do with the low end of the socioeconomic scale and the nature of street prostitution. If somebody barters sex for vegetables or a better job, is that "prostitution?" No money exchanged hands. If Russian models happen to bang various assigned "dates" (and then marry them, mayhap becoming first lady in the process), is that prostitution? Modeling contracts and Jaguars aren't cash, after all.

    Everybody bangs everybody for some accrual of resources, even if they are non-material resources (i.e. status, social contacts, ability to procure a loan while not necessarily getting one, etc.). How do you assign the label of prostitute for some and not others?

    With most things, definitions matter, and it's probably that way with this topic.

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    This one I actually looked up, some months ago.
    True addicts are incredibly credible. Gambling is just another word for keep losing. Nothing funnier than watching people on an internet gambling site. A bozo's set of bozos whether "system" or "advantage" play. Each type to whichever degree could make billions in the markets were any of it true. It's great to be a spectator of gambling, ie, not to have one leg and arm stuck in the "grave" like the cunts, cowards and crackpots here. The only real thing on any gambling forum is the "nuts".

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    Originally Posted by Bill Yung View Post
    This one I actually looked up, some months ago.
    Most of my vocabulary has its origins in Marvel Comics 1962-70. Stan Lee and I must share an affinity for the rare form.

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    taking the easiest way out in order to accumulate cash is not a crime nor immoral. You can argu that prostitution is "immoral" ....but taking the easiest way to make a living is not.

    AS a person with a health profession background, I do find the health concerns troublesome....since society pays for it. The common VD, HIV, more extreme viral STDs(which can also lead to various cancers)...... Forgetting about the physical abuse aspects from johns and pimps.

    Its taxing on the healthcare system, its taxing on the family unit, its taxing on the health and well being of individuals.(but i guess the dame can be said about the Big Mac)

    Its buyer bewre......but most people in legalized areas like near vegas......even if the prostitutes are regularly examines, are just as likely to get an STD from the guy that was serviced just before you, or the day before. Regular medical exams are worth shit If the man serviced 2 hours before you had HIV or and STD.

    to me its a disgusting proposition. But to others its all they have.

    I guess thereis no way to stop it. There is enough info out there about diseases that everyone should know the risks...both the prostitutes and the johns.

    Thedifference between Big Macs ad prostitution as far as adversity to Big Mac wont make you ill......but a single "encounter" can kill you...or cause you thousands of dollars of medical costs for a lifetime.

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    I was wondering if rates of disease among prostitutes vary widely depending on country. Anybody have any info on that?

    I'm not big on any kind of morality, other than that you're here a limited time, so you owe your fellow humans something at least closely resembling the truth as you know it.

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    The biggest problem with prostitution is the much worse crime that rides along with it.

    This includes child sex trafficking, adult sex trafficking, violence against prostitutes by their pimps, pimps confiscating nearly all the money the prostitutes make under threat of violence, and various scams/robberies against Johns.

    Can all of this be eliminated by legalizing prostitution, as some counties in Nevada have?

    Not really.

    This is because the legalized brothel experience is a sanitized and frankly unerotic experience. I have never bought a prostitute, but I actually did take a tour of one of these places east of Reno (out of curiosity, I assure you).

    They had various issues:

    - Women weren't very attractive, for the most part. The woman who gave me the tour was a prostitute there, and was about 45, not pretty, and overweight.

    - To select a girl, they line up and you pick one, and they walk with you to a room. Not exactly something which puts you in the mood. It's like picking apples at the supermarket.

    - There's a specific menu of services you select from, and that's exactly what you get -- nothing more, nothing less. So you'll say something like, "Ummm... I'd like a blow job and then sex with you", and then you pay the set rate and get on with it in a room just used by countless Johns just like you.

    If I wanted a hooker, I wouldn't go to one of these places.

    So the illicit sex trade will still thrive even with legalized brothels.
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    outside of the high rate girls working on their own,.....the illegal prostitutes are no "prettier" or "slimmer"

    the idea that prostitutes are like julia roberts in the movies is misplaced.(i am not saying dan thinks this way..just talking generally)

    I have no personal experience either....except i did watch the HBO series..cathouse or something like that. and its as dan describes,,,,,except on HBO i am sure they didnt invite the old fat ones for the filming.

    to answer a question above....since its mostly uderground ,,disease rates are unknown. A doctor treating you doesnt care if you got the STD from your wife or your prostitute. They will suggest that you notify your partners but thats as far as it goes unless you want to volunteer the info.

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    I have never had a prostitute, but did come very close. Many years ago, I was late 20's, and I'm playing craps at Flamingo. In the lounge facing the last table there was a gorgeous blond that I can't stop looking at. One of the dealers notices and tells me she's a pro. I keep staring and now she sees and is giving me all the moves.
    I'm there with my girlfriend (not a serious one)who had gone to a show. I do some calculations and decide I have enough time.

    I finally get up the nerve and go talk to her and make the deal. I tell her come by the table in about 15 minutes and tap me on the back and I'll follow you to the elevator.

    About 15 minutes later we are in a gigantic roll and I get the tap on the back. I say get the EFF out of here and continue to play craps. Never been with or tried to be with a pro since. I found her later and apologized and paid her.

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    You are a gentleman, regnis. Paying the girl was cool.

    I've never "been" with a working girl, but I've been with many working girls. When I stayed at the Budget Suites behind the Stardust a few years (during football seasons), many of the girls in the big complex were at least strippers. Not sure what percent of strippers kind of blend into play-for-pay, but most of the strippers were good-looking girls and worked the clubs on Industrial. The pool and workout room had awesome ambiance.

    I was at either the Orleans or Gold Coast a year or two ago, and I got up early for an early AM jog. I was on an upper floor, and when I made it to the elevator, two working girls had just finished up with somebody and rode down with me, making out and squeegeeing each other. They asked where I was from. I said Tennessee, and one of them said, "Well, welcome to Vegas!" and asked me whether I thought the other girl had a great ass. When we got off at the casino floor, I'm sure the security guard thought they were with me. I did my best hick Appalachia imitation and asked, "So, I take it you girls are sisters?"

    One of them thought I was serious, and the other one gave her an "Elaine-from-Seinfeld double-handed push."

    Sometimes, I'm unaware as a rock. I stayed at one of the former Warren apartments complexes 20 years or so ago. Sad to say, it took me about two months to realize, suddenly, that about half of the other residents were working girls.
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    How the hell did I miss this thread. This is the first time I've seen it. Edit: I just scrolled up. Its in the Whatever section. That's how I missed it. I used to go to the brothels all the time. Mustang Ranch, Moonlight Bunny Ranch, and the whorehouses in Elko. I nailed Kathy Willets at Moonlight.

    When you jumped in a cab in Reno and said you wanted to go to Mustang the driver would tell the dispatcher he had a ride for "exit 22." I think that was the number. It was the exit ramp off I-80 where Mustang was located. If you didn't pick a girl from the lineup when you walked in the door then you went to the bar to do some sight seeing before you pick one. They hit on you and you either say yes or no. But only one girl can talk to you at a time. They don't want any catfights. It was a big circular bar with seats all the way around so you could see every hooker. See one you like then just wave her over.

    You didn't negotiate the price at the bar. That was to keep other girls from jumping in saying they would do it cheaper. The hallways to the rooms shot off from the bar like spokes on a wheel. You went back to the room with the girl and negotiated the price. She would then have to take the money to the cage before any sex took place. And she would also bring back any drinks you wanted.

    The next thing to happen was the inspection. The hooker had to inspect your package. If it didn't look like you had some STD then she would run hot water in a pan and wash your balls. It's actually fun getting your balls washed with a hot wet rag....unless its larrys doing it Then she would place a condom on your wanger and away you go....yippeeeeee!

    That's pretty much the way it was done in all the legal brothels. The hookers are inspected once a week for STD. As far as I know there hasn't been a case of a legal hooker contracting an STD.

    The cab drivers had their own lounge. And they got payed twice, once from you and once from the whorehouse for bringing you there. They had TV, hors doerves, newspapers....and the meter in the cab was running the whole time you were getting layed.

    This one cab driver gave me a big clue that saved me a lot of money. He told me about a sign in the back where customers were not allowed to go. It said "You will be terminated for walking a minimum." This meant that if you told the hooker you only had $150 (the minimum price then) and she refused she would be fired. Thats all I payed from there on out.
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    once a week? Someone can get VD at 6 pm, and pass it on to you at 7 pm the same day...and to anyone else over the period of a week.

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    Meh. Still better than a streetwalker whose last check up might have been at the County Health Department building four years prior.

    Legalize it everywhere else!

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    once a week? Someone can get VD at 6 pm, and pass it on to you at 7 pm the same day...and to anyone else over the period of a week.
    Yes, but it has never happened in a legal Nevada brothel.
    "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." Benjamin Franklin

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