This thread is to elaborate on something that was brought up in the WoV thread here

Pepe... You are out of your flipping mind if you think prostitution or prostitutes are a victimless crime. I don't even have to research the subject very much to prove you wrong. It is a known fact that many hookers are abused from family members at a very young age or are controlled by someone like a pimp.
Many does not mean all, and that is irrelevant from a libertarian perspective of morality. The libertarian perspective of morality is not concerned with the past circumstances that cause a decision but only with whether that particular act or transaction in that moment violates the Non Aggression Principle. Therefore if there is a pimp involved the only one committing an immoral act is the pimp, unless the john is knowingly transacting with the pimp instead of the girl.

It is also known that the sex slave trade runs rampant turning little girls into paid whores or just sex slaves period for wealthy aristocrats.
Much like drugs, this is a result of it being illegal rather than an inherent trait of the business.

Next Pepe you have plenty of hookers running scams on Johns or outright strong arming them so stop this nonsense about a victimless crime.
This is like saying because Bernie Madoff ran a stock scam all stock investing is immoral.

Try to tell the IRS that nonsense.
From the libertarian perspective the very existence of the IRS is much more immoral than the world's oldest profession.

Now I will postscript this by saying I am arguing these points from the libertarian perspective of morality (which like all attempts at universal moral systems, is flawed), not my own.