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Thread: College Hoops Futures Results

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    Well, it looks as if we'll have lost dinner money when the smoke clears. Here's the futures we had going (to win the title):

    1) St. Mary's 66-1 (got shafted not making tournament)
    2) Rhode Island 150-1 (better to have waited for brackets before playing).
    3) Clemson 150-1 (also better to have waited).
    4) Syracuse 300-1 pre-bracket and 850-1
    5) Florida State 275-1
    6) Creighton 550-1
    7) NCState 400-1.
    8) Kentucky 38-1 (largest of the wagers).
    9) Loyola 380-1.
    10) New Mexico State 500-1 pre-bracket and 1000-1.
    11) Texas A&M 50-1 (better to have waited for brackets).

    When all of the hedging is done, we'll have lost dinner money (Outback, not Michael's). We needed Kentucky to have won another game or FSU to have won another game to have made a significant profit. If Loyola somehow beats Michigan, we'll have won dinner money. We're not holding our breaths.

    I've been doing this 16 years and have made money 12 of them (counting this as a loss).

    Addendum: Managed to recoup the presumed lost dinner money with a Michigan -6 second half wager. This mess will go down as a wash. The Great Loyola Wash. Honestly, I suspect when I do the accounting, we will have lost a McDonald's breakfast, but some of the losses will be regained via a rebate, so The Great Loyola Wash it is.

    Kentucky blew an excellent opportunity to play for the title. I'm not sure people appreciate how badly they had to play to lose the Kansas State game.
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