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Thread: Tipsters or Gypsters?

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    Originally Posted by coach belly View Post
    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    I offered to post any material I myself had written wherein the rights were mine or had returned to me.
    You never offered, nor did you ever post any material that was included in the package sent to Alan...until yesterday.

    You were repeatedly asked to post something, and you repeatedly refused to post anything.

    "Why should I?" was your typical response. Well...why did you?

    Anyway...what about the picks from over 100 services?

    How did McCusker access them in order to compile his standings?

    Did the services provide them for free? Did McCusker subscribe and pay?

    Did Integrity Sports supply the picks for free?...or did McCusker pay for them?...or is there another scenario?

    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    People can make decisions on who is telling the truth and who's a hack. Usually it's pretty clear.
    Answering the above questions would help with the does avoiding the questions.

    I'm not avoiding them. I'm simply not answering you. Now if kewlJ or mickeycrimm or Dan Druff ask the same questions, I'll answer them. LOL. Boss belly, some anonymous dude searching for gotcha moments like Don Quixote.

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    Case solved
    Bet with the best

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