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Thread: What are your favorite slots? :)

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    All depends on the give back on the machine and what is required.. Truth is big name casinos generally pay back better (Freemont actually has some machines that are potentially +ev with a reported 98-99% payback meaning its not hard to come out ahead potentially). I generally avoid Indian Casino slots because their payback is usually shitty.. The exception is if Im killing time before a poker tournament and decide to trop $20 in a machine to try and get a little lucky by chance..

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    Originally Posted by ftpjesus View Post
    I generally avoid Indian Casino slots because their payback is usually shitty..
    I was disheartened to hear from a slot tech at Chinook Winds that the game I play has a claimed 82% payback.

    Fuck me ... no wonder those savages have scalped me over the years on that damned machine.

    Gotta regroup and come up with a new plan.
    What, Me Worry?

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