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Thread: Trump Salutes N. Korean General

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    The booming economy we're in is not an Obama economy. If Hillary would have won unemployment would still be high, stifling regulations would still be in place, taxes would still be high.....and the stock market would be somewhere south of 21,000. When Trump, a businessman, won, investors seen a brighter economic future ahead so started investing. The Trump cut in regulations further aided the economy. Then the Trump tax cuts added fuel.

    The lefties over at WoV gave trump no credit for the stock market surge from 19,000 to 25,000 but when it flattened out this year they started bitching about their 401k's. That's what hypocrites they are.
    Keystone is a mental midget.

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    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    From all my bitching about the left one might think I'm a far righty but I'm not. I was a centrist democrat all my life....until the democratic party moved to far to the left. To me it started in 2004 with Kerry getting the nomination. Then Obama, a lefty on steroids, in 2008. I'm like Ronald Reagan, I didn't leave the democratic party the democratic party left me.
    Honest to gosh, my co-coach for high school girls basketball (I am just an assistant for the freshmen team) was a 42 year Democrat here in Massachusetts and voted for Trump. We go out frequently after each game and numerous practices. He praises Trump

    As an Independent, I make sure I badger him (as I would to a Democrat). I always felt it is important to find out the passion after a person makes a political statement. He is a retired postman and loves the new economy but he is so poor he will not receive most benefits. The republican numbers in Massachusetts are growing.

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Obama was NOT stupid.

    His problem was he was too political, not decisive enough.

    Trump is at the other end of the spectrum: impulsive, decision, without a political bone in his body.

    Neither are "best."
    but he is getting done, the things on his checklist one by one....the things on his running platform.

    you may not agree with those things, but he has shown an ability to walk the walk after he talked the talk.

    He has given a promised tax decrease, he is addressing illegal immigration that is killing out healthcare system and our schools, he is addressing poor trade agreements which when the smoke clears we will eventually win with, he is working to dismantle obamacare first by defunding it thereby lighting a fire under the ass of congress and senate to move on it.(even bill clinton said there were real problems with it in the campaign).

    So what that he does the above with brashness and conceit, and with ignorant statements. He wasnt elected to be politcally correct. He was elected to get shit done
    I'm with Trump. I'm itching for a global trade war.

    The English charge 4 times the tariff on American cars than we charge them.
    An American made motorcycle that sells for 9K here sells for 20K in Germany.
    The Canadians charge a 270% tariff on American milk, cheese and butter. They do this not to protect thousands of family farmers in Canada but to protect a dozen conglomerates. The average Canadian pays $200 more per year for milk, cheese and butter than they should have to.

    We have a 375 Billion dollar trade deficit with China. Take a look at the math. The Chinese import 130 billion a year from us. We import 505 billion a year from them. Trade barriers prevent us from doing any better. Trump announces 50 billion in tariffs. The Chinese respond with 50 billion in tariffs. Trump is now putting together another 200 billion in trade tariffs on the Chinese. How can they respond? They only have another 80 billion to work with. If they fire off any more trade tariffs Trump will then put tariffs on remaining 250 billion.

    The trade war will hurt the Chinese a hell of a lot more than it will hurt us. And Trump will then be negotiating from a position of power. It's best we get this trade war going while the economy is strong. So let's go Trump. Bang the shit out of them. I'm willing to pay more for goods until the Chinese wise up.
    Keystone is a mental midget.

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    meanwhile trumps approval rating today shows up at an all time high and in line with the rating of other presidents at this time in their presidency

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    Originally Posted by Deech View Post
    The republican numbers in Massachusetts are growing.
    Considering John "Brianna Wu" Flynt of Gamergate infamy is actually being considered a serious candidate by the Democrats there...

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    I never heard of this guy. Upon research, he is a Board of Selectmen from a town with a population of 5,000. Excluding Gamergate, I do not believe 2 OUI's within six months will help. Jeez, a little local history/political lesson in my own backyard. Thanks, Pepe.

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    and now the crying about illegal immigrants children separated from parents.

    Heck, across the country, people who are arrested have their children taken from them. Some go to relatives, some go to state facilities. Who is crying about that?

    Oh the facilities for tyhe illegal children are as not up to standards for the american citizens.......the USA didnt build a modern facility with all kinds of nice attractive rooms and spiderman posters for the kids......well excuuuuuuuuse me.

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    Trump coming to my town today. Jon Tester two term Democrat senator. Leads polls by 8 points. Flipped Trump some shit over NK. Payback is a bitch. Trump coming to Montana to help Rosendale narrow the polls. Then Trump will deliver the coup de gras. If Tester votes against SCOTUS pick it could cost him the election. Brilliant.
    Keystone is a mental midget.

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