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    Hi all! Haven't been on this Forum in years!

    Just returned from an enjoyable Vegas Vacation! I was disappointed to discover that the Fire Bet is no longer offered at Caesars Casinos but enjoyed good luck at playing the Repeater. I Consistently bet the 2, 3, 11 and 12 anywhere from $5 - $25 each and won too many times to count! Most memorable roll: same shooter rolled four 2's and nine 11's !!! Thats five Repeater wins! While I do miss the Fire Bet, the Repeater is a fun replacement!

    In general, I've always felt that shooters throw a lot of 2's, 3's, 11's and 12's.

    Anyone else enjoy The Repeater Bet! Anyone else roll a lot craps and yo's?

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    Nine yo's?

    In a row?
    What, Me Worry?

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    I have limited experience with the repeater bets but generally it takes a monster roll for payoffs to appear. I was at a table at Ballys some months ago when three different shooters all rolled six 6s which pays 90 for 1. I had $5 on the bet for all three.

    But I prefer Bonus Craps which can pay something with as few as five rolls.

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    Not in a row but same shooter! Two 2's Paid 40 for 1 and Three 11's Paid 50 for 1!!!

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    Not familiar with Bonus Craps. Which Casino has Bonus Craps?

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    Originally Posted by russkg View Post
    Not familiar with Bonus Craps. Which Casino has Bonus Craps?
    Caesars Palace has a mix of repeater bets and bonus craps tables. I think all of the other Caesars casinos only have the repeater bets.

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    Paris and Ballys only had Repeater. I heard a rumor that Margarativille had a Fire Bet table but I didn't have a chance to verify.

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    I only know of two Fire Bet tables. One at Rampart and one at Green Valley.

    In all the years I've played I never made all six and I was at a table when someone else made all six only twice.

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    I have been fortunate to have won (I was not the shooter) all 6 numbers three times going back to 2010! I liked Fire Bet so much i sent a very complimentary email to the creator Perry Staci who sent me a FireBet Tshirt and Hat! I beleive Perry sold the FireBet to IGT or some other large gambling company. I miss the thrill of the Firebet, however the Repeater and All Tall Small hit much more often.

    Dealer Nightmare would be to have a choice of Firebet, All Tall Small, Repeater on one tabl LOL! ... maybe bubble craps table!

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