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Thread: What's my edge in craps?

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    Originally Posted by RS__ View Post
    FWIW, I saw that thread shortly after posts were “deleted” by slapingunk and I noticed few posts from others with quotes from his posts. I took that to mean few people quoted him and I still kinda lean that way, since it seems Druff isn’t super active here and going to start editing or deleting stuff at odd hours randomly.
    Are you kidding... I seen him delete a Whole Thread that was some Money Man Alan Mendlebread Letter to Dan crying and complaining. Gambling Forums are a joke with tons of misinformation and Hitler Types Moderating them as they see fit. Certainly not how the real world or real interactions behave. The whole thing with Money Man and his Son is how things really are in the world. The other realistic interaction was WoN and all the suckers/hustlers that were involved. That was true to real life.

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    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    Originally Posted by Dankyone View Post

    Fair enough.

    KewlJ seems highly credible, if sometimes histrionic.

    Alan changes his tune every few minutes, and Robbie is not even worth speaking about.
    This is funny BBB. You people badmouth kew over there then try to rescue him here by badmouthing even more people. Wise up. Kew "seems" credible? Opinions vary. This ain't a bunch of foreign & minority weirdos like you hang out with.

    Kew when I was your age I had already gone thru several years of vigorous training and I really haven't let up, ever. And I didn't have the medical problems you have. If I did I'd have killed myself instead of creating some online character in a feeble effort to compensate for weakness. There's very little doubt you're nothing but another SSDI-collecting pathetic LV slug with an EBT card. After all, that would be the "advantage play" for an aspiring handicapped AP like you, correct?

    No surprise you'd cower out of a physical challenge with me since, as usual, you're all hat and no cattle. But it remains open.
    Me, me! Let it be me! I blew half my knee out in January, but I think I can outrun the average senior on one good leg, so sign me up! I'm trying to put off surgery until next year, so best get me while I'm hobbled.
    BUMP. Just waiting for Argentino to set a date. Maybe Mr. Mendelson could videotape it. Unless Argentino's banned from road racing in Las Vegas...because he's won too much.

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