Its not a real big deal....its more amusing than being an "outrage"

BUT in 2 casinos , they take out the first 2 lower line buttons so that if you play down to less tha 20 cents, you have to take a ticket and cashit it out..or find an older type machine to play out your money.

This already exists for years on the new age machines where there is a 50 cent minimum per spin. But now the old age machines that always allowed you to play your money down to zero are being adjusted so you need to take a ticket.

I guess the feeling is that people get disgusted and just toss the ticket, or put in their pocket and dont use it.

But then again if you play all the way through the final 11 cents, the casino is generally getting that money anyway.

So I am thinking that maybe its a play to keep people from sitting at machines and playing a penny per spin...or a nickle per spin. I didnt think that was a problem...but maybe homless would get a dollar, and sit inside out of the heat and get free drinks playing pennies at a time. I never witnessed this behavior, and reno does have its share of homeless. And popping in off the streets is easy.