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Thread: Is this an error?

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    Below is a cell phone screen shot of an advertisement for Caesars' online game app. Notice the spelling at the bottom. Is that an error or is that how it's marketed?
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    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    What do you think? It was done on purpose? IDIOT

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    I'm not sure. Before you call me an idiot do you know if the free online games are branded differently?

    If it is an error it's quite an error. But if it is a new branding approach it could be significant like Caesars operating non gaming hotels in other countries.

    And it also says "Total Reward" and not "Total Rewards" so could this be a hack?

    Always insult first, right?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Were you the idiot that suggested New Coke?

    I could see someone giving you a brand that millions were spent on and you deciding to market the new flavor as ColaCoca or some shit. It's a spelling error. Probably an idiot like you working in the marketing department. Don't worry, they will correct it and get rid of the MendelFool soon enough.
    You will probably run into said idiot at a craps table near you wondering whether he has an advantage or not while neglecting his family and blowing his unemployment check.

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    Two errors or a hack job?

    What do you say, Mr Genius?

    I wouldn't risk clicking to find out.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    sometimes what you see is what you get. Youc an view it as a simple errored advert....or make up some elaborate story about different on purpose branding.

    Maybe its not really caesars ...maybe its a knockoff the guy on the street with watches the say "Roleks".

    yeah thats the ticket

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    Thanks Larry because that's what I was thinking. Anybody on the Internet can steal the official Caesars and Total Rewards logos. But when the spelling and grammar are off? Isn't that a clue?

    But MaxPen says I'm an idiot.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Funny question—-it looks obviously fake but since CET’s spelling and grammar are so often laughably wrong one never knows.

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    Unfortunately the image I posted is a cell phone screen shot and the artwork was full motion, so the screen shot lacks the detail you would see yourself.

    But again it's not uncommon for hackers to steal official logos and then give themselves away with misspellings and bad grammar.

    I've seen so many emails from scam artists that use official bank logos. However I'm not ruling out that Caesars hired some foreign online gamemaker who screwed it up.

    I didn't risk clicking on this ad when it appeared. Facebook is notorious for ads that hold viruses.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Pretty much anything CET-related these days is like one long game of "Real or Onion?". We probably just need a "LOL CET" thread to contain it all.

    My latest submission: I just got an email advertising a SALE in their reward credits catalog. The item that really stuck out was the Apple iPhone X ON SALE for a mere 3x what you would pay in the Apple store.

    You read that right; they want you to pony up $3500 in RCs (again, SALE price) for an item you can buy direct from the manufacturer for $1149.

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