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As I am starting to see comedians that I go way back with die....I wondered about some things.

Unlike other artists like singer/songwriters.....where others can carry on their legacy and do covers of their songs. Not so for standup comedians.....the material dies with them. Its not "kosher" for another comedian to do someone elses routines...like singers cover songs.

Do you think 50 years from now.....there will be comedians doing other peoples stuff and it would be accepted?

I am not talking about topical stuff which die a pretty quick death.

David Brenner died and he took 40 years worth of material to his grave. Universal funny stuff. Carlin took alot of tuff with him as well.

Gary Shandling as well....although he leaves a legacy of 2 really good sit coms.

There are some hour cable specials.but they cover a tiny portion of their portfolio of material.

As others pass in the future...like David Steinberg, Robert Klein, Eddie Murohy, Jerry Seinfeld.....they will take with them some great material.

Iwonder if 50 years from now, after people who remember are dead....if comedians may adopt old material and have it be accepted by the masses.
Their stuff dies cause it's mostly their personal thoughts on smth, but there are many jokes that outlive comedians