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Thread: Requesting a review of the 'Singer' situation

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    What then was the point of suggesting he post there?

    That is currently no more possible than your having actually seen 18 yo's in a row.
    Sarcastic humor is my guess as to why Alan suggested that Kewlj post on a website that posters on here already know he is banned from. Just like Helen from Diary Of A Mad Woman sarcastically saying to Charles,"Why don't you get yourself something to eat?" Knowing he is in a damn wheelchair and cannot access the food himself anymore.

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    I've added a feature to this forum which will allow me to kick users from threads.

    I will be using it a lot to control the disruption and trolling on this forum.
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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Originally Posted by mickeycrimm View Post
    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    Kj has a history of requesting someone be banned and then leaving the site that accommodated him.

    Why can't he just ignore singer. I do. I mean at this point in his life...he is a nobody in gambling..just like I am or kj. So his posts carry no weight...they are not must read material.
    It's so easy to skip over posts...especially posts of nobodies.
    Personally I only read maybe 10 present of signers posts..and maybe only 30 percent of the gay contingents post (kj,axel,mc)....and that works out just fine for me.

    So Dan changed his mind. Is that some monumental assault to kj?.
    The vulgarity especially of singer,the drunken rants of mc, the make believe stories of alan, the constant self promotion of redietz, the make belive James Bond stories of monet, and the hysterical whining of kj are all part of the tapestry of this site. Plus the existence of sexual diversity with kj axel and Mc just adds to the mix
    I'm 110% ladies man. Ask your wife, cuckold.
    Mickey, you don't need to respond to Larry's hate attacks. Nobody questions your sexuality. This is just Larry doing his version of hate attacks. See you let Singer back to do this and this is what happens.

    And BTW, just like Singer's broken promises to cease such attacks, remember LarryS's arrival here. With his history brought to Dan's attention, Dan announced Larry was on a short leash and Just like Singer, LarryS promised to turn over a new leaf and contribute in a positive manner. And to his credit, he has for most of his time here. (I suspect that it has nearly killed But Dan's reversal of Singer and once again allowing these Hate attacks is Larry's signal that he too can go back to his hate attack ways. THAT is the door that Dan opened by reinstateing Singer.

    Maybe the way to go is to just start reporting these attacks and this site and have this site shut down and other headaches for Todd.
    hate attacks? In thsis world, calling someone part of the gay contingent of this site is not an issult unless you feel gays are inferior. Calling someone gay or italian, or jewish is not an insult.

    You seem to be a self hating gay man if you take my post as hate.

    Its purely observational, and you still didnt answer why you cannot manually skip over a nobody in the gambling world. Why are you drawn to alan and singer like a moth to moonlight. What is it about you where you just cant ignore people who get their vitamins from your reaction. Why do you give them exactly what they want.

    You could still post a thread on the topic of AP or BJ and once someone goes off topic report it to dan and have him REMOVE IT. bUT YOU CANT HAVE IT BOTH WAYS. You cant engage the people in a back and forth and then complain that they ruined your thread. Ignore them ad continue with your mission to "help people"

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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    I've added a feature to this forum which will allow me to kick users from threads.

    I will be using it a lot to control the disruption and trolling on this forum.
    What about a feature that only allows invited members to a particular thread the OP started?

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    Originally Posted by AxelWolf View Post
    What about a feature that only allows invited members to a particular thread the OP started?
    Not a good idea: it would have a chilling effect on any uninvited newbies who might want to weigh in.

    No, if Dan doesn't fall asleep at the wheel and actually monitors the forum regularly the worst of the trolling will stop, especially if he actually throws the troll out the fucking door.
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