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Thread: Ratings and the Media. Do you have to watch the #1 TV shows?

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    Many media outlets make a big deal over their ratings -- how many viewers or listeners they have, how much time is spent with them, how many pages are viewed, and so forth.

    Sometimes "ratings" do affect our choices of which media we will pay attention to. I remember growing up my father would call the family into the family room where we had the only color TV in the house to watch Bonanza. I guess it was in 1959 and my father said "let's watch it, it's the number-1 show."

    My wife likes to see the #1 movies (rated for attendance) but only when it's a movie she likes to see. If the #1 movie has blood and guts (my kind of movie) she won't see it.

    I don't watch newscasts because they are #1. I watch the newscasts that I personally enjoy. I don't watch TV shows that are rated #1 for the same reason -- I have to enjoy them.

    I understand the need for ratings -- it helps advertisers buy media time, and it helps the media price their ads. But why advertise ratings to the general public? Does the general public really care if they are watching the #1 newscast or the number one entertainment show?

    I do remember that the family did watch Bonanza on Sunday nights and I still watch reruns of the Cartwright family. But I watched because I enjoyed the show, and not because it was #1.

    I also watch Pawn Stars and reruns of The Twilight Zone and reruns of the original Star Trek. Pawn Stars is a highly rated cable TV show but I don't think it's on any rating service as #1 and it's been many years since Rod Serling or the original crew of the first Enterprise were #1 either. Come to think of it, was either show ever the #1 show? Well, I don't care because I still enjoy them.

    Shouting out "we're number one" I think is better left to fans of certain sports teams.

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    it was really so interesting to read your past moment, and yes ratings would have more impact on media . .

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