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    anyone have any idea what happened to John Patrick...he hasnt posting in close to 2 months although others have posted. Same for stanton

    I check on the free part of Heavys craps site....and no word.

    Patrick usually posted 5 times a week regarding his sports picks and how well he was doing as an way to pump up he had a monetary reason to keep his side business alive.

    In the past no posting was coupled with no posting by others. But it seems others are posting fine. But there is no thread "where are you john" which is odd.

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    Couple of bumps in the road.......that I know you know what I am talking about.....

    Then my total system went .....and TV......seems like the old days growing phone or TV or air conditioning or car or no conveniences at all....but we survived.....

    I have a backlog of people to get to and once things settle down.....I definitely will get in touch with the people I have been unable to get back to....

    My SINCERE apologies to you all.....

    what "system" goes down and takes the car, computer, and air conditioning with it....unless they were all repossessed

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    One can only speculate, but his situation seems to have been dire.

    I can see how a problem with an internet provider could briefly stop combined phone, computer and TV service, but AC and car as well?


    The "but we survived" almost sounds like what someone would post after a hurricane or massive storm hits and floods them out, but so far as I can discern that has not been a recent issue in the Tampa area, although I recall parts of the east coast got walloped by a lingering storm (middle Atlantic states, IIRC).

    Whatever, I wish the guy well.
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