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    in viewing the politically correct world we live in. after seeing people like teachers or store managers, or policemen, politicians, lose their jobs because of what they tweet, or post on facebook, or even kind of makes more clear the position of Mr V....and those like him on these type boards.

    I am like MrV.......highly educated, great well paying job (till i retired last year), family. savings....the american dream in a way.
    There are not many people like us on these boards with jobs that are tied to the public while working for others that of course dont want bad publicity.

    So thats where me and Mr V part company. I can and have been vocal on alot of political and social issues.over the years and I have been anonymous.
    My true opinions, right or wrong.
    During these last 20 years or so.....there is little chance of a patient of mine, or a non patient who just knows where I work sending my rants to a newspaper or corporate office, or posting them on social media. A sure professional disaster for me and for the company I would work for at the time.

    However look at V. He has his picture out there. On wov and more recently here. So what if a disgruntled client or clients spouse who is pissed off, stumbles on his pic and says.....fuck thats my wifes lawyer, or that was my lawyer, or thats my neighbor......and uses his postings against him publicly or privately.

    So now in that context, when I or someone else talks about him straddling the fence.....I have to say...really who can blame him.
    If I were him...i would not give a full unvarnished opinion if it meant the politically correct crowd could fuck with my job, livelihood, happiness., financial stability.
    So fuck yeah he will straddle the fence. Look at the world we live in.

    this just hit me as i drove home from dropping my wife at the train station as i listened to the news about a high ranking exec who was forced to leave her company because she was on video yelling at a little girl on the street about the illegality of the girl selling bottles of water...where she threatened to call the police on the girl. Maybe she had the legal right to do what she did but the optics made her untouchable to keep employed.

    She had herself to blame....just as if V got nailed for stuff he said here....he would only have himself to blame as well.

    So it hit me today.....the connection between V and people like him on these boards...and the woman exec I just talked about. Its a fine line identifiable people walk. And sometimes being on the fence is the place to be.

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    The irony of it is the inverse correlation between the ease of speech and its freedom.

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    It is a fact that many people have suffered consequences "in the real world" because of posts they have made previously on social media or comments which they thought were made privately.

    We now see this unfold in the business, political and entertainment worlds on a regular basis.

    I've no substantial political or public footprint, I am a fairly quiet, private person; as such I don't particularly fear professional blowback / consequences from my posts, although I am mindful of the possibility; at the end of the day I suppose that we all have something to lose.

    I attempt not to post things which would give cause for the authorities to investigate or which would so inflame people as to lead to a hysterical response with pitchforks and firebrands.

    What you call "straddling the fence" is more an attempt to balance my desire to vent, explore and be provocative against the need to keep my posts within the bounds of forum rules; I prefer not to get nuked or muzzled.
    What, Me Worry?

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    If you were being honest you would admit that the pain of being banned is tiny compared to the pain of being fired from a politically incorrect view being voiced that is well within the rules of the site.

    For example....You have been vocal about you view of beggars/homeless. Even white collar beggars like the manboy. So lets say someone with an ax to grind, compiles your comments in a blog and crys how insensitive you are for members of your community that are downtrodden. And then lets say some newsperson does a story about a homeless lady with 2 kids on the street, a real tear jerker story...human interest story....and uses the blog and quote of an example of how some people think in the community. All of a sudden, even though the reporter didnt identify you.....the blog does..and your firm gets a flood of calls denouncig them for hiring an insensitive person like you.

    It can happen in this world we live in. It all depends on the climate. This past year..the "metoo" movement has made the climate that even a sarcastic comment about women, even in jest could be grounds for discipline. Its all about the climate du jour. And the winds are ever changing.

    people love to see others torn down....."get what the deserve",..."pay back"

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    Sure, jackals are everywhere.

    I've no real world concerns as to your hypothetical, but I can see how others might be vulnerable due to having their prior posts thrown in their faces.

    This old phrase comes to mind: "He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones."
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    these days

    people who live in glass houses should not express opinions

    thats the scary part. we now live in a society where expressing an opinion that is not popular can fuck you up.

    freedom of speech for the smart folks is keep your opinion to yourself

    But then again thats the way its always been before the internet. People kept their opinion to themselves and to their small circle of friend and relatives.

    it seems we need to get back to those times.....because the world in THESE times is unforgiving and brutal and punitive

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    LarryS there’s no way you’re highly educated on account you’re mentally retarded.

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    Mrs. V, LarryS and Mission146 are three of the most highly educated participants on these boards. Recently Mission146 claimed his IQ was 120 which makes him smarter than 90% of the American Population. It boggles the mind of peasants like myself why such successful and highly educated people would spend so much time posting on this board and boards like it where nobody cares or is listening for the most part!?

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    It's greater than 120, but I'm not giving a specific number.

    I tend to think that people do things because they can't think of anything they would rather be doing at the time and don't have anything different that they MUST do at that specific moment.

    Have you ever taken an IQ test? I wouldn't be shocked to learn that your IQ is comparable to, if not in excess of mine.

    ADDED: I'm not particularly well-educated, though. I have a Bachelor's in Economics from what is essentially a no-name university outside of its state...which is not the state I live in.
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    easy answer

    becasue I am in a position to do what I want to, when I want to, and how I want to.

    So if this tickles my fancy.....I will do it till it no longer does.

    If i spend 40 minutes on weekdays here each daym thats about right. Otherwise I am researching sports bets or stock picks

    there is alot yo do on a computer to make money if you dont have a day job and you have the cash.

    So in between the above....I come here for a break.

    thats your answer

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    Day trading, are ya?

    A bit of forex, perhaps?
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    i think you should talk to MC

    i dont go that way

    but forex is a good brand

    its not enticing to me when you reference it though


    but thanks for the offer

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    I was referring to investing / trading in equities/stocks and foreign exchange.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Originally Posted by MisterV View Post

    I was referring to investing / trading in equities/stocks and foreign exchange.
    look who you are talking too.....and look who couldnt resist a pharmacists angle on your question

    lighten up

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