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Thread: Regarding recent trolling threads/messages here

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    I'm getting tired of this.

    There have been certain threads started expressly to troll other users, and also messages posted in existing threads for the same purpose.

    I realize that many of you have existing beefs dating years back from other forums. That's fine. Not everyone has to like each other.

    However, please STOP dragging all of this over here. This forum is not the toilet bowl for WoV. While banned WoV users are welcome here (provided they follow the rules), I don't want the old WoV e-beefs continuing to play out here.

    I am about to go delete various troll messages, and I might also ban certain users from certain threads.

    If this continues, I will start banning people.
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    Furthermore, I have seen talk of a user's personal information supposedly on track to be "exposed" soon.

    That will not happen here.

    It is strictly against the rules to reveal any personal information regarding users who have not made that info public.

    Anyone who does this will be banned from the system, and their posts with the personal info removed.
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    The only reason wov'ers have come over here is to carry on their beefs with words and statements that, if said over there, end up with suspensions by their sensitive admins. For sure it's a joke at WoV, but these people have made it a joke over here right now.

    Off with their heads.

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    You can't unring a bell. Deleting troll messages and personal messages after the fact is too late. You know who the trolls are now -- stop them now before more damage is done.

    You don't want this to continue to be a garbage forum and unfortunately Dan that's all it is.

    It's too little too late.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    To be fair, at least one person making garbage threads admitted he was just blowing off bitter and resentful steam and would be making normal threads from now on.

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    Dan, you will be fighting a losing battle to keep larry from being doxxed. The poster on, WeKnowWhoYouAre, who intends to doxx larry, is obviously using a burner username. And the poster that tipped larry off here, gunslinger, is probably using a burner username. They are going to use burner usernames on you and you won't be able to stop it.

    Larry has made a lot of enemies. He's been booted off of Patricks, Gambling Forums, WoV, and Gamblingtalk that I know of. On all these sites he was repeatedly advised to follow the rules. On Gambling Forums the title of Compulsive Liar was placed on his Avatar. Following rules has never been on larry's agenda. If you think you can get him to follow the rules here then you are more wrong that you have ever been in your life.
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    If people dox Larry on other sites, there's nothing I can do about it.

    I'm not looking to be Larry's protector. I don't care what happens on sites other than this one, regarding e-battles I'm not part of.

    However, I won't be allowing personal info on this site, and will ban anyone who does it. I will also ban anyone who posts links to threads on other sites where such personal info is posted.
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