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Thread: Chip inventory question

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    Originally Posted by Rob.Singer View Post
    NONE of you are smarter than their cameras, computers, and programs. I understand the need for people who think they're super duper bj players to build up their perceived reputations on forums.
    Ahem. Actually, Rob. I am. But I'm not super duper. Just a hard working guy who keeps the game simple. As for forums? I enjoy the heck out of guys like you. IMO humor is a very big part of my game.

    As a counter, I've adopted a sort of delayed reaction form of communicating. The dealer yammers on and on and I catch buzz words or voice tone to shake my head, yes or no, or make a quick comment to keep them moving forward. In life, it has become a habit. Drives my lady nuts. For instance, if she says you're getting pancakes for breakfast. I don't reply. If she asks, "do you want pancakes for breakfast"? There is a two or three second delayed response. If she asks, "what do you want for breakfast"? There is a 7 to 10 second delayed response.

    But even the guys I hang out, tell the same old stories over and over. A shitload of listening.
    So forums fit my communication perfectly. And you guys give me new material to give to those guys. LOL
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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post
    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Go back to WoV... they seem to welcome and love you with open arms!
    LOL... Nobody on WoV Trolling Zenking!
    Why are they always suspending you over at WoV?
    Oh come on Monet! You know why his is constantly harassed there. Are you going to play dumb now.

    Zenking brings some of that on himself. He makes it hard to like him and root for him with some of his antics and accusations, of "Chinese playing cards" and "mobbed up Las Vegas". And when the membership gives him a hard time that he sometimes deserves, he gets angry, cursing and generally not following the rules. And at this point the "over moderators" are just looking for him to suspend.

    I think it is kind of a shame, because despite all his goofiness, Zenking represents the frustrations, including variance (ups and downs) that a card counter playing for a living goes through. It is kind of an accurate view into the rollercoaster ride that is card counting for a living. And I think that is good for anyone that might be possibly aspiring to take the card counting journey to see. Sort of a lost opportunity by WoV, in my opinion.
    I remember you having a problem with sarcasm or how to read sarcastic comments and questions.
    It appears you still have a problem discerning my comments or questions.

    I happen to have had a few dealings in real life with ZenKing.

    It was pretty obvious that all three of my comments and or questions were all sarcastic or rhetorical.
    Anyone that knows ZenKing or his history at WoV knows that when you read my quote that you quoted.

    I have followed all of ZenKings Posts from his first post at WoV under the name ZenKing.

    What I find interesting is that he can go on a rant and rave about the Mob and the Cheating Casinos but that is ok compared to what goes on at this site.
    Chinese Decks and Beast Mode on Shufflers... no problem to post that noise.
    You would think ZenKing would be Pro VCT compared to that of WoV because you are not monitored over here like at WoV.
    ZK was saying something, in his post that I quoted, about the Mods or Admins over here lol... It is only Dan Druff you knucklehead.
    Dan doesn't care about the quality he only wants quantity and traffic or at least it appears that way.

    It is pretty mind boggling how ZenKing will post up threads about how he is going to take all the Casinos to court and beat them.
    He can post up how he is going to stand on the street with a sign about how 6/5 BJ is wrong.
    He posts up all kinds of accusations over at WoV.

    One of my favorites is how he is going to beat down 4 to 6 security guards if they ever try something or touch him.

    However this is the Evil site and not worthy of such a King!?


    Let us look at one of his WoV threads/posts as an example.
    Too many funny examples to look at this guy and wonder how he would not fit in over here ranting and raving.
    I thought him and this site would be a match made in Black Jack Heaven.

    It seems ZenKing actually decided to show up at the very Hush/Hush Private Secret Handshake WoV Spring Fling 2018

    Originally Posted by ZenKinG View Post
    Whoever ratted me out to Downtown Grand and the rest of Downtown during or after the Spring Fling and i know who it probably was, good job, just realize this town will never get rid of me and theres nothing any of you can do about it, including the casinos. This town is at my mercy, not the other way around. You can kick me out every time and ill still keep on coming back. You guys aint shit. Good luck with your fake unconstitutional trespasses. This town has never seen someone like me and never will. Never meeting with any of you guys again.

    Not to mention, it's time to set the record straight, im the only legit blackjack player out there. The rest of these fake ass stories you hear on that fraud GWAE podcast is exactly that, a fraud to promote blackjack apprenticeship such as the Yoshi and Joe stories. KJ, Colin Jones and the rest of the crew are also all frauds.

    God bless me. No matter the adversity, no one can stop me. Keep it coming.
    It appears that KJ, that is kewlJ (I think), is a Fraud as well according to ZenKing!?

    Notice how he finishes this statement/rant...

    "God bless me. No matter the adversity, no one can stop me. Keep it coming."

    It is pretty wild to be inside the mind of the Great ZenKing!

    ZenKing has so much Wild Material and Posts at WoV that it would take me a couple of years to break them all down for us over here.

    Eventually ZK might get banned from WoV and he won't have much choice anymore.
    He will be forced to hang out with us over here at WoV West.
    He recently was banned on Norms site as well... around the same time as Spiderman.
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    Originally Posted by kewlJ View Post

    After moving here, because of those less crowded conditions, I was able to start tracking a second and occasionally third table at the same time I was playing my primary table. Of course the non educated BJ types here, have no clue to this, but this essentially acts as a pure wong-in opportunity, on top of my regular aggressive wong out regular play. Sort of a 'best of both worlds'. And it has served me very well. Solves all problems.

    I know you have adopted the pure backcounting or wong-in approach and I wish you well. Just be careful. Try to gauge if it is drawing too much heat prior to THAT becoming a problem.
    Haven't been to Vegas for awhile - it's nice to hear that they allow mid-shoe/mid-hand entry now at a lot of shops, so that Zenking and whoever else that wishes to can just jump into high counts.

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    A question about JSTAT's video:

    So it's okay to sit at a table and watch the cards and decide which hands to play and not play? They actually let you do this?
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    A question about JSTAT's video:

    So it's okay to sit at a table and watch the cards and decide which hands to play and not play? They actually let you do this?
    seems like a sure way to take heat.

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    Appropriate song at end of video. Gonna Fly Now. Especially, for this forum and thread. Go. Kj. Gaaaaooooo. lol Why are you guys reading this? Get back to training.

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    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    A question about JSTAT's video:

    So it's okay to sit at a table and watch the cards and decide which hands to play and not play? They actually let you do this?
    At one time it was wide open. Stanford Wong published the strategy of standing by and counting, waiting for a positive count before jumping into the game. The term "wonging" took hold. But you don't do it sitting at the table, Alan. You do it standing a few feet away. Or, imagine this, Alan, doing it from the next table. LOL!

    But when the count goes negative the AP is not going to sit there and say "deal me out this round." They are going to get up and leave (wong out). Or maybe they might fake getting a phone call.

    The casinos got hip to wonging and many eliminated mid-shoe entry.
    Hate crime hoaxes? The left's demand for biggots greatly exceeds the supply.

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    You can get away with sitting out a couple hands at the end of play at double deck. Just say something about these cards are bad, I'll wait for the shuffle. Especially if you have lost a 2-3 hands in a row, or if a new player has joined the table. Say something about messing up the flow of cards (complete nonsense). It won't endear you to the other players, but a number of things that I do, don't endear me to the other players.

    Personally, I think it draws attention, so I don't do it too often. It just doesn't look that natural. If you are going to do this, do it once per session. You can't just sit out all or most negative counts, or you will be toast in short order.

    You know it's funny, no mid shoe entry (NMSE) was big in AC and still big in other jurisdictions, but I don't see much of it in Vegas. If anything there are a small number of places that have a rule where you have to bet table minimum if entering mid-shoe. But not many. If you think about it, it is a really bad policy for casinos. An 8 deck game can take up to 20 minutes to get through a shoe, especially with 4-5 players and side bet(s). That is a long time to expect someone to wait. Gamblers want to get their action down. You tell them they have to wait 15-20 minutes and they probably are on to something else.

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    Originally Posted by Ozzy View Post
    I'll be back in Detroit area for Christmas to visit family, I'll gladly confront tough guy JBJB ( Ibeatyouraces) and see how slick he is face to face.
    Here is a slight correlation that jbjb could be Ibeatyouraces. I know for a fact Ibeatyouraces hates anything Bible Related.

    I started up the conversation here...

    and these guys got into a serious debate about the topic on this thread...

    I'd be interested in watching you guys duke it out around the time Detroit celebrates the Birth of The Christ.

    Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
    It's amazing how pissed off people get about defending their imaginary beings.
    Originally Posted by Bill Yung View Post
    And their imaginary professional lives and winnings.
    Originally Posted by jbjb View Post
    Yeah, you figured it out smart guy. I have no fucking idea how I survive in life being imaginary. PLEASE keep convincing the moronic public of this!!
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    Originally Posted by monet View Post
    Here is a slight correlation that jbjb could be Ibeatyouraces. I know for a fact Ibeatyouraces hates anything Bible Related.
    Matthew 23.12. IMO There is no better verse that describes casino life in the Bible.

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