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Thread: Any credit card worth getting for MLife or Total Rewards?

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    Trying to get to either gold (mgm) or diamond status before end of this year starting from scratch. Is there a credit card associated with either of these programs that is worth getting to help accelerate that process?

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    I have several friends in Vegas who do not gamble at all who have gotten the credit cards to get the free parking benefit. As Vegas locals they do go to the casinos for shows, restaurants.

    Both the MGM and Caesars Total Rewards credit cards give you free parking. I think the Caesars card even entitles you to free valet parking.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    Does anyone know anything about the Hyatt card? It says you can match that with mLife. I think there is an annual fee with it though. Are you able to cancel it after doing to matching?

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    Looks like Mlife Rewards Mastercard is my best bet. It will get me automatically lifted to pearl (free parking) plus I earn tier credits when I use the card on normal stuff. Also get $100 slot play or comp when I spend 1k in first 3 months. And also importantly card has no annual fee

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