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    I had car damage, that looked via video to be purposeful, yet ended up being a drunk driver that found himself on my dead end road and needing to turn around(he did it badly for sure). After a few different videos were looked at from around this compound he was identifed a sa person a little later arrested for drunk driving 20 miles away. I rescinded pressing charges because he ended up doing me a favor.

    the last time I posted I mentioned having to fill out paperwork. That was paperwork that included 2 years worth of websites that I signed up to and my password. So for the person who gleefully said I was checking in as i read now....ummmmmmm yeah, wasnt me. In fact I was told by CCunit to stay away while they did their job(including viewing PMs). And their job was well done. It seems the dude left alot of bread crumbs over many many months/years. It took them 3 days to pinpoint During that time my family could only narrow it down but they werent finished...and still arent if need be.

    I was told that posting something with the intent of inflicting damage ...should the damage occur....from anyone is culpable. But almost never can you prove intent or a link. That is unless someone hands you intent on a silver platter in writing. However, I am told Its up to me to mitigate my future possible damages...and that includes NO posting and posting and posting providing a "kick me" climate going forward after being put on notice. Anyway legal shit doesnt interest me as muchand its probably never a path I would choose to use but I would like to keep it open none the less.

    I wish he would have done a little research first because although he lives far from me....he isnt far enough.

    So I am willing to go through the days without viewing and posting around the net like the last 4 days.I would have to be a masochist to read and get fired up and not post. And once something happens that is adverse to me or my family, then I will take it from there. Thats my gameplan. No hard feelings to anyone as this is just message boards and dont mean a whole lot in life.

    This isnt going to be a pissing contest post. Just a calm explanation and update for the people who PMed me wondering what was up.

    I wish everyone well.....including mr doxxer.

    go ahead have at me via bashing here......and mission, you did enough this point I dont mind if people show their worst side.....if u read between the lines you would know why. Even if dan blocks my user name, the only thing he can block is access to my pms.

    a properly located thread......right mOnet?

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    Originally Posted by LarryS View Post
    a properly located thread......right mOnet?
    You are still obsessed with me and In Love with Me obviously.
    Since you haven't posted in the last few days your lover Vagina hasn't posted much either.
    He/She/It can not handle the board without you to coax him along.

    You can not help but read all of my posts and reply to them.
    Even after you claimed you put me on block and ignore and will not be responding to me.
    You are nothing but a filthy liar and I know because you have to be one to know one.

    Why don't you get into another 11 Page Debate about if someone is a Professional or is not a Professional.
    That is the kind of nonsense you are good for.

    I can't wait to find you in Sheol even though you don't believe it exists!

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    Here's what I took from your post, LarryS.:

    The physical damage was done by a drunk driver, and not by the doxxer.

    As part of the investigation you involved the computer crimes people of law enforcement and also family resources; it seems they determined the actual identity and location of the person that doxxed you.

    If so, you might want to pass the info on to Dan, who I am certain would ban the doxxer from this board.

    While I am mildly curious as to the doxxer's identity I can understand why you wouldn't want to make it public at this time, and I can also understand your decision to walk away: sometimes the game isn't worth the candle.

    You're going dark: good luck, it's been interesting.
    What, Me Worry?

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    Is doxxing against the law?
    "Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech." Benjamin Franklin

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    The term, "Doxxing," wouldn't be used to describe the legal violation, but Doxxing certainly can be against the law depending on the particulars. Cyberstalking is a crime, so Doxxing can sometimes fall under that. Harassment. Etc.

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