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    I found this on FB by a person who goes by Madison.
    She has gone by many, many names in the past.
    One of them was Kirby but that was 22+ years ago.
    I found it funny how she stated she beat the games in Vegas.
    Anyone who knows anything knows that she owes and owes plenty.
    Mostly bad deals or from being staked.
    All you need to do is look at where they live and how they live.
    What do they own... not much!?
    Chicago Family keeps her afloat most likely.
    They are like ZenKing... refuse to do anything but Poker.
    She dreams of moving to Massachusetts playing for a living!!
    LOL... You won't make it. The expenses will crush you.
    The Winters will eat you up.
    The last I checked they have no transportation.
    If they have a car now they aren't going to like driving in that area compared to Vegas.

    Someone named Todd Witteles Chimed In...
    Good essay but I actually think the games at WSOP time aren't good.
    More games, more action, but tougher.


    Excuse yourself from this lecture if you know: A. Where to park.
    B. That poker points are not always dollar for dollar.
    C. Where/how/when to tip
    D. That if you are the only one who ever gets quartered it is time to find a different game.

    The rest of you: PayPal charge backs will not keep you afloat--- you are going to have to play poker...and play well. And that's just for par.

    As you are you can't beat the Orleans. You play too many hands and think too much "online." There is an old lady named sylvia who will swallow you whole--- and she is a break even player on day shift at the Orleans. She favors big pairs Broadway cards and sneaky play. Aria plo? Keep it small and move around---they share notes and you are not a card reader. They also collude. Shocked? Welcome to Vegas, please pay first.

    Regs? Basic? Fish? ---online mentality does not beat Vegas. The closest thing to an online condition here is the drunk poker dealer game. Resign yourself to folding the best hand over and over again.. .oh and they do not play high limit--- they are trying to hit the jackpot.

    Best games are the mixed games...but if you take your kkinafull8orbettergameself in there expect to need luck.

    This isn't a boymeetscity story. . .at least not one with a happy ending outside of a massage parlor. Vegas games suck. Vegas games suck because they are full of world-class players who slipped up somewhere bankrollwise and are playing beneath their ability.

    Whether they are playing to pay the man for the next few days or playing for a go-ahead run back to xyz, they play for blood. No-one is giving anything away.

    That means less dead money than you are used to...and the pots where you make a 9 high flush that is somehow good despite 4 way action to the river? Once a year.

    If you think you are a poker purist because you only play with two cards and a shove option, bully for you. You are shutting yourself off from the only berry patches in the desert. It is possible to make a living here as a specialist... there is a fine tradition: Danny Robison did just fine... oh yeah--- only the best 7 stud player to ever turn a card. He also spent the last years of his life in LA...playing in good games.

    If you are a top top top specialist enjoying good success in your market, moving to Vegas your estimate is ...half.

    Sell cars. Sell real estate. Sell candy on the corner. . .and then still bring your A game.

    Poker in Las Vegas is the ultimate test. It tests your ego. It tests your relationship with what is. Big fish from little ponds arrive daily.

    Did you think the World Series of Poker was a good example of poker in Las Vegas? Those are the best games of the year and they are getting worse every year.

    I am sick of friends and acquaintances telling me their Vegas dreams. I beat the games here and I want out. I am dreaming of poker in Massachusetts. I will be the one smiling peacefully and never commenting on anyone's play.

    Take a look at the guy dealing to you--- he beat every game in Albion, Michigan. . .for almost two years! He was broke in 4 months here and his great regret is that he did not spend more money along the way . . .because he felt the whoosh of the bladed pendulum above his head. He nodded and shoved fries into his mouth when chums talked poker. He knew how to mark W on his calendar. Buy him a drink--- he will teach you bankroll management.

    Me? I'm 4th on the list... but I will pass that game if I don't like it. See you when you get here.

    Good Luck.


    Another Good and Recent Post of hers explaining why she hasn't been online.


    I've been off FB for awhile. I learned some lessons about trying to run a kkpoker club. Most people are looking for an opportunity to rob the club.

    We are still active, but looking to grow at a sustainable pace with verified deposits.

    No-one liked just playing me hu, and it's a bad look.

    We are going to run daily tournaments with a points race. Initial deposit bonus clearance time will be extended. I expect this to be a skip and a hop before it's a go. There will be a separate sit and go points race.

    Cash games will be spread by request. I favor hu play and am willing to spread higher limit hu tables with extremely low rake.

    This is where we stand.
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