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Thread: College Football Picks 2018

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    I didn't handicap to come up with these picks. they're from another guy who I think might be the real deal. please don't ask his name, for certain reasons I don't want to answer that.
    in a sense they're my picks since I'm going to bet them and post them unless I go way in the hole into unrecoverable territory.
    all bets are for 1.1 units. all lines are from at the time I posted. all payouts are 10/11 unless otherwise indicated. Good Luck.

    MISS ST. -8 over kansas st. (westgate)
    OKLAHOMA -29.5 over ucla (cg tech)
    CENTRAL MICHIGAN -4.5 over kansas (wynn)
    memphis/navy OVER 67.5 (wynn)
    ALABAMA -36 over arkansas st. (william hill)
    TEXAS A&M +12 over clemson
    SOUTH CAROLINA +10 over georgia
    south carolina/georgia UNDER 57 (wynn)
    mayland/bowling green OVER 65.5 (wynn)
    arkansas/colorado st. over 69.5 (mgm)
    Of course what I'm saying is true. I saw it ON THE INTERNET.

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    got crushed
    went 3-7
    kind of lost interest
    I don't gamble much anymore
    not hungry anymore
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    Of course what I'm saying is true. I saw it ON THE INTERNET.

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