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Thread: I am back

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    Infatuated much to do that much research?

    Trying to get on Dan’s good side highlighting stuff?

    Face it, he’s too smart to fall for your scams.

    And he obviously doesn’t care that I think he is a piece of shit looking for hits by allowing a degenerate gambler like Alan to post here. Nothing changed on my end.

    What do you want me to say buddy? I think I hit on most, but I can do it again if you are slow.

    You are a Piece of Shit that may or may not be dying based on your posts. You admitted you thought about robbing Axel and maybe fucking him in the ass, if ZenKing wouldnt let you go down on him.

    You are the self proclaimed Baddest AP on the planet, nothing is beneath you, including stealing from family members.

    You are an outcast because no one trusts you to be part of a team. Your motto is win if you can, lose if you must, but always fuck over anyone that trusts you.

    You ass leaks and you are embarrassed about it, to the point of visiting a specialist outside San Fran.

    You know you time is coming to an end soon but like to brag you have no regrets.

    What did I miss?

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    Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
    As long as Dan Druff allows Yung to post here knowing his history across the web, this site will be his documented history of his career. From the highlights of ESPN to the lowlights admitting he is dying, Bill Yung will be his legacy. Along with Alan Mendelson and “Rob Singer”.

    Trying to make a dollar while dying or suffering from who knows what.

    Fuck you Dan. I have tried to do everything to get you to ban me. But nothing works.

    I can only assume you owe Alan something or stiffed him and have an obligation to him. Any decent person would tell him to get help. But you allow him to push his garbage.

    Singer I get, he amused you.

    Tell your kids to get an education Dan, tell them not to make your mistakes. And may God bless you for your sins.

    This is your legacy Dan. Pay Alan and his son what you fucked them out of, Red Rock VP machines need their money.

    PS Fuck You Todd.

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    Can’t even come up with anything new.

    The reaper is coming Monet, even you can’t steal time.

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    Getting angry yet? Ready to find me and make me “pay”?

    Now you know how your victims feel. Not sure if they should be angry at themselves for trusting you or themselves for falling for your scams. But knowing they met one of the worst. A junkie of the worst kind.

    The baddest man in Vegas.

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    Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
    Suckers play that garbage. You obviously are another degenerate piece of shit. How did you find this shithole!

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