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Thread: Bovada Pulling BS

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    Yesterday I went to make a bet on Bovada. I think it was Buffalo +8 at -110. VI Consensus had that line at Buffalo +7.5 and -110. I got an error code that said the bet couldn't be processed. I cleared it out and went back to the line. It then said Buffalo +7.5 and -110. I didn't make the bet.

    Then just before game time tonight I check with Vegas Insider for the line the Jets/Detroit game. It was Jets +7 at -110.

    I go to Bovada and they got Jets +8.5 at -115 and they got the Lions at -8.5 at -115. My first thought was they are gouging on the juice. But then I got to looking at Jets +8.5. That would be an extra point and a half for just another 5% juice.

    I went to make the bet and got the error code. I cleared it off and went back to the lines. Jet's were then at +7.5 and -120 and Lions were at -7.5 at -110.

    I think it's possible that if I would have taken the favorites in both situations the bets would have went through. I think Bovada is looking for suckers giving up to many points on the favorites. If you try to take the dog you get the error code and then a different line.
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    Yeah, I've had the same thing happen to me several times with sucks. I've heard they pull that stuff in Vegas too if the guy is betting big and they think he's a sharp.
    lots and lots of complaints about Bovada. here are some:
    Of course what I'm saying is true. I saw it ON THE INTERNET.

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