ESPN died for me 15 years or so ago. However it is completely starting to piss me off. All the talk shows with women who have no clue but try to look pretty for the camera. Since when did we need some Female Beauty Queen to be a moderator on Sports Talk Shows? Now they have taken over the booth on games and Monday Night Football. Certainly, ESPN screwed up Sunday Night and Monday Night Football but it has gotten so bad now that I have had to turn these first 2 games off before the 1st quarter. I tuned back in right before half time and saw Boyz II Men doing some horrid video with some Broad singing to an empty house trying to give tribute to Aretha Franklin. That lasted about 10 seconds before I shut it down. I was going to watch Genesis at Half Time but I figured ESPN would F that all up too.

I thought Beth Mowins on the Jets/Lions game was the worst announcer I ever heard until I watched some of the Raiders/Rams game. I am not sure who was the worst between these three... Joe Tessitore, Jason Witten or Booger McFarland. Witten just kept referring to his glory days of when he played and I am not sure who kept saying the same thing over and over when some sort of big play happened but it sounded very phony and tough for me to listen to.

Just like when they put that Broad in the NHL Playoff Games on NBC I will have to put some other broadcast on the internet with different announcers. It is pretty sad what Disney has done with the self proclaimed world wide leader in Sports Broad Casting. Broads and Gays screwing up my sports... motherfuckers!