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Thread: Caesars claims 15-20% of customer base is "unprofitable" for them, aims to drive those people out

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    As for CET now choosing to get rid of its 20% unprofitable guests, I have observed that CET is unusually generous in providing rooms to marginal players. No significant offers along with the rooms, just the rooms. I assumed that since the variable costs of maintaining a current room was the cost of maid service. Therefore, it wasn’t much expense to CET. Maybe it is now calculating the cost otherwise and so decided those guests are unprofitable.

    Also, maybe it is under pressure from Carl Ican and others to increase performance or at least look like it is increasingly profitable

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    Originally Posted by Dan Druff View Post
    Originally Posted by Alan Mendelson View Post
    Gosh I saw nothing in the letter referencing addiction. You talk about addiction too much redietz. Why?
    redietz is right. That disturbing "You don't qualify for 7 Stars" e-mail very clearly makes reference to addiction without directly saying it.

    Representative Kent Houston wrote, "Third, we look for steady and increasing trip to trip casino play."

    Notice he wrote steady AND increasing. That means they're looking for people who are moving up in amount of money gambled, rather than just those maintaining the same level.

    It's possible that Kent wrote it incorrectly, and actually meant OR.

    In fact, that would make more sense. It looks like this e-mail was received in response to an inquiry submitted through the Total Rewards online contact form. They don't exactly hire the best and the brightest to respond to those inquiries.

    However, I believe most of the information Kent provided was correct.

    Indeed, Caesars seems to finally be enforcing their long-claimed "invitation" requirements for Seven Stars.

    Up until this year, despite the "invitation" claim, all players reaching 150,000 tiers were approved unless they had behavior/financial problems at Caesars properties.

    Now it seems they're requiring regular play AND a relatively moderate use of comps.

    So if you're overcomped, you're not becoming Seven Stars.

    I wonder what they're going to do about existing Seven Stars who have reached 150,000 tiers. Aside from those who did the "every other year" plan (earning it one year, then no-playing the following year while keeping Seven Stars, then re-earning Seven Stars the following year), they did not review existing Seven Stars for re-entry.

    They may start doing so.

    Ironically, they are tightening entry to the program after majorly degrading its benefits. So that's kind of like leaving the door open to your home with expensive jewelry inside, and then locking it securely once your house is mostly empty.

    Caesars is ass backwards as usual.
    Wow, I really wish I had saw your post before. This happened to me today. I was denied 7* by the same Kent because of being "overcomped".
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    Oh, so the infamous Kent Houston was involved in your denial, too?

    Would be very useful to see which properties in Vegas he oversees, so people with those properties as their dominant ones don't bother trying to earn Seven Stars if overcomped.
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