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Thread: Blackjack: T3 on rampage... again.

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    I see T3 is on a ranting crusade with Don S on vacation. This time his opposition is Zee. T3, I can't say whether you are right or wrong because I can never discern WTF you are talking about. My feeling is you are more right than wrong.

    Why not just post your system? It should be simple. No? Bits and pieces here and there are clearly going nowhere.

    I'm just about curious enough to book a flight to your area and stay for a couple of days. IMO, it's about the only way I'm ever going to understand what appears to be very complex from the way you portray it on these forums.

    No, I don't believe HiLO is enough in pitch games. But then, I don't care WTH a newbie is doing. Very few counts would be enough.

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    Don S is giving DBS/T3 a spanking on the stock market. IT's somewhat interesting because he is clearly in over his head in this discussion but can't seem to shut up.

    Asked to explain the difference between gambling on a horse race and investing in the stock market, the American humorist Will Rogers famously replied: "In horse racing, you bet on a horse. If it wins, you make money; if it doesn't, you lose money. In the stock market, you buy a stock. If it goes up, you make money; if it doesn't, you lose money. See the difference??!!"


    Moses replies: Interesting the spanking Don S is giving DBS/T3 on the stock market. Great quote. I see it as the term of the investment. Horse racing is a one or two minute investment. Ballgames are two to four hours investment. Whether it's over. It's over. The stock market can always come back. But personally, I still never care for the term "it's only paper."

    Apologies to Rob and Blackhole. I thought it was an interesting/funny quote and wanted it for my notes.

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