Well, thus far I have no straight plays this week in college football, which makes this a very unusual week (second in the last decade with no plays). However, something more interesting than college football is coming to my city -- namely the Prez will be dropping in for a rally at Freedom Hall. Why he chose Johnson City, I have no idea. Johnson City has about 50,000 people. It's the largest of the Tri-Cities, Bristol (yes, Speedway Bristol) and Kingsport are the other two. It's a conservative area, but an interesting mix of White Nationalist rallies, classic conservatives, Johnny/Donny come lately wall-builders, and leftists with weaponry (I fall into that last category), so something for everyone.

I hope the Prez is wearing Kevlar, because the average liberal household here is better armed than the National Guard.

In any event, if anyone wants to visit a presidential rally for relatively low cost, with a side trip the day after to Dollywood or Cherokee Casino, come on down!