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Thread: Best Vegas Casinos???

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    This popped up on my news feed. I am in shock. The Wizard was on the nominations team.
    It's all about quitting when ahead.

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    I`m curious, what in particular were you most shocked about? For me it had to be Plaza being number 4. Wtf?! Maybe someone can enlighten me, but I`m at a complete loss for words on that one.

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    The D and Mandalay Bay definitely shouldn’t be on that list. I disagree with Plaza, but that’s a bit iffy.

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    Casino News and Travel (Thomas Pleau) had a nice list of Vegas casinos (not really a top ten list though) with very detailed explanations of why he thought what he thought in the issue from a few months back. This magazine comes out once every two months or so.

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    I don't really get the criteria. Variety? Atmosphere? and Big Payouts? Surely every casino has some big payouts.

    I think D scores high on atmosphere because at least a couple of those guys rating and many other folks seem to just love that Sigma Derby game. It's cute...kind of a glimpse of yesteryear, but I (and I suspect most in my generation) don't find it as fascinating as most who mention it.

    How can you possible compare older downtown casinos like the D or an El Cortez, to modern newer casinos like Aria, Red Rock, or M resort. They are an entirely different vibe.

    Anyway, I have my own list, which to no one's surprise is heavily weighted by blackjack conditions (rules and heat) and only 1 from this list is solidly on my top 10 list. Might be a second one that is just about #10 or possibly first out of the top 10.

    And then I have a whole other list based on restaurants, both quality and value. These aren't necessarily the finest restaurants....more about value. And to that I will mention here that I ate at the "new" Feast Buffet at Palace this week. Those here in Vegas may have seen it advertised on commercials. Very Nice! Not just a remodel of the old....probably the worst of Feast buffets that Palace used to have. This is a new restaurant in a new location. And at the regular Feast pricing, a real good value.

    But I did notice the wording that says this is introductory pricing...meaning they will be raising prices above normal Feast Buffet hurry if you want that price. lol. I will also say you should hurry because....nice as it is now, at that location (Palace Station) and with that clientele it won't stay "nice" for long.

    Ok, back to whatever. BTW, who gave the article a 30 year old picture of Wizard to use for that article? What is THAT about Shackleford?
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    The Plaza used to be one of my regular haunts. The last time I stayed there, I didn't get the room upgrade I was supposed to (Ace tier benefit), the molding was peeling off the walls, the sink leaked all over the floor (I notified them, they did nothing), the host complained I didn't play enough (despite playing the exact amount I always had), and got a phone call the morning of checkout saying I had to get out immediately, despite (again, supposed Ace benefit) having late checkout privileges.

    Cliff's notes: The Plaza can fuck right off.

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