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    So I have a friend from high school visiting in a couple weeks. His first time ever in Vegas. It has been a while since I signed anyone up for new cards....I guess my Mom a few years ago when she relocated to Vegas after her divorce.

    Question to my Vegas friends: Are there any good new player card sign-up bonuses that I may not be familiar with? Fell free to PM me anything you may not want to share publicly.

    East Cannery still advertises a loss rebate for new players. Jerry's Nugget has a "first day play" bonus of $100 free play for earning 1000 pts which may be promising? These kind of things....not your $5 free play or a deck of cards for signing up.
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    Stations still has the sign up potential for $1,000 (one million points).

    When I was having breakfast this morning some convention attendees were ordering off the players club menu ($4.99) and when they didn't have a card they sent someone to the table to sign them up.
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    How long will he be here? IIRC, some of the loss rebates don't let you collect until a week/month after you earn them.

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