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Thread: Armed casino security in Vegas.

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    In Los Angeles casinos there have always been armed security guards, at least as long as I've been playing in the card clubs like Commerce, Bike and Hollywood.

    But now Caesars will have armed security.

    There is a story on Channel 8 -- 8 News Now.

    This is a major change. In the past the thought was any criminal act such as a robbery would be less costly than the liability of a casino guest being hurt by gunfire. But now the security isn't about robberies only and it's more about terrorism and the killing of guests.

    So, it becomes understandable that security guards with guns are now required.

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    The Longhorn security has 3 or 4 choices to shoot you with, I'm pretty sure. I once saw a security guard in their café miss trying to taser someone and got a diner. This was about 2-3 years ago. Most of them are retired cops from my understanding.

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    I had assumed all along that Caesars guards were carrying guns. At least the guards I would see late at night surrounding the jumpsuited personnel collecting cashboxes from machines, which are the only ones I ever remember noticing.

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