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Thread: Variance; can it be contained?

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    Most would say Preferential Shuffling is cheating. But I have to wonder if we didn't bring this on ourselves. Forum rhetoric makes it seem to the opposition this game is incredibly easy if one knows how to count. Nothing could be further from the truth. So they put in a defense mechanism that isn't really necessary in the first place.

    Don S would ask "why are you trying to reinvent the wheel"? Because the cars keep changing. Everything is set up for a superior offensive strategy - mo money, mo money, MORE MONEY. I'm sorry, but IF you want to survive? You're going to learn to play defense. Loose lips sink ships.

    So Flash, your extensive library of books that you seem to think everyone should read isn't a total loss. It will make good kindling in your fireplace this winter.

    28 Authors = Utter Bullshit.
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    Bosox. I don't trust anything I can't see. It's just my nature. So I'm not 100% positive as to which way I feel about the never ending shuffle machine debate. Regardless, I change my game up. Go 2 hands at the top of the deck then 1. Next deck go one at the top and then 1. Next deck go 1 at the top and then 2 and then 1 etc, etc. The bottom line is a large bet will occur at least 60% high remaining vs 40% low remaining. It doesn't really matter how the deck gets to that point. What matters is that it gets there for 6% large bet plays. Less is not enough to play competitive and profit. More is pushing their tolerance levels.

    I watch a guy play today with stacks upon stacks of $100 chips. The pit boss never left the table and more came to the pit. I couldn't see where he was doing anything special. I started to feel a wee bit guilty with my little green chip game. Then, he exited, but about $10k of his chips remained in the tray. The guilt stopped.

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    Bosox writes:

    KJ, was only trying to find out answers to questions where he had previous doubts on possible cheating taking place, that's it. He spoke about it briefly on two forums that I know of warning players of the possibilities and to make their own judgments. What more was he supposed to do?

    Moses replies: Column count. I can see where one would get twitchy with HiLO in a pitch game and believe a machine is rigged to beat them. It's kind of old news now. Bottom line is work on ones game before you screw it up for others who have overcome the obstacles.

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