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Thread: A warning from Caesars

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    Take a look at #26 in the fine print connected to an offer from Caesars. What does this mean?
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    LOL -- CET finally decided people in the TR program are required to not say or print anything negative about the program.

    Well, I guess they are following the Scientology playbook.

    This tells you all you need to know about CET and what they think of their customers. They seem to have confused TR membership with membership in the Chinese Communist Party.

    P.S. Semi-kudos to Mr. Mendelson, who by posting this could conceivably fall into the category of TR heretic, since CET has assigned themselves omnipotent judgement. By asking others what #26 means, however, Mr. Mendelson has given himself a conceivable legal out.

    This is hilarious. So, if you're sitting on the john where someone could hear you, and you mumble to yourself, "The CET trip this year sucks," you could be banned. The sheer arrogance is staggering.
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    Actually, #26 may have been added due to an ongoing dispute with Vegas-based gambling reporter John Mehaffey:
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