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Thread: Question for APs

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    Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
    Sure you probably remember it, the Black Diamond Bar in Frackville recently closed. They always had good wings. A victim of the owner getting sick of dealing with the problems with finding and keeping employees.
    Is there a bar that you haven't been to, the Boz?
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    True addicts are incredibly credible. Gambling is just another word for keep losing. Nothing is funnier than watch people try to "vent" on an internet gambling site. A bozo's set of bozos whether "system" or "advantage" play. Each type to whichever degree could make billions in the markets were any of it viable. It's great to be a spectator of gambling, ie, not to have one leg and arm stuck in the "grave" like the cunts, cowards and crackpots here. Forever 57.

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    Originally Posted by The Boz View Post
    Originally Posted by redietz View Post
    Originally Posted by Moses View Post
    I hadn't heard of her. But just read her Bio. Very Impressive. My daughters first job was with the Phoenix Suns. But she really excelled at her position for the WNBA team. Funny story. She would go around and talk to the fans during the game. She walks up to this elderly man in a wheelchair and introduces herself. She was impressed to learn he'd competed in the Olympics and even carried the torch. She says "my Dad really follows sports. What was your name again"? He replies "Muhammad Ali." His daughter played on the team.

    Thanks for the invite. I think I read you will be in Tahoe? I might come over for lunch.
    You know, Muhammad used to bank in my hometown (Frackville, PA). He trained in Deer Lake (about 20 miles away) -- we went there for open sessions. A bunch of cabins on the side of a mountain. He's the only autograph I ever got from anyone except Chuck Yeager.

    I won't be in Tahoe unless/until Argentino verifies we'll do interviews on film. He interviews me; I interview him. It'll be great fun.

    But I will be in LV starting December 16 (college football done). Various folks will be dropping in over a range of days. If you're bored, come on down! I'd prefer to be back in Tennessee for Christmas, but if Argentino is up for interviews anytime in LV, I'll extend. In fact, if he commits to interviews in LV with Alan (and me), I will commit to being there no matter when. Short-term, I'll probably be back in LV in January.

    We'll have to trade women's hoop stories. I always pseudo-bitched because I was on one rec league team where two women started ahead of me. One was Annie Troyan, the former Penn State point guard record-holder (until Suzie McConnell broke all of her records). I learned a lot from Annie -- like no matter how slow you are (I was slow), nobody can take the ball from you unless you make a mistake.
    Never knew you were from Frackville. My wife grew up in Tower City.

    Sure you probably remember it, the Black Diamond Bar in Frackville recently closed. They always had good wings. A victim of the owner getting sick of dealing with the problems with finding and keeping employees.
    Oh, I remember the Black Diamond. Holy hell, Boz, we do frequent the same locales! Tower City is just up the road, more or less. My friend, a SORT team leader, loved the Black Diamond. It was classier than my usual hangouts -- LOL. It was on the main drag (Lehigh Avenue) off the interstate. When I was less than 10, I lived on Lehigh about four blocks away from the Black Diamond.

    If you make further Frackville explorations, check out Roman's Lounge. Nice place; good food. The owner, Vince Roman, and I go back a long way. Just go in, tell him you know Bob Dietz, and request a gambling story or two. Ask him about gambling while peeling potatoes.

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    Back to the numbers for Bill. 100K hands per year is 1923. In order to average $100K per year, one would have to average a profit of $1 per hand. Simple math. No?

    Losing $29k in a week is a little over $15 per hand based on annual average. IF 10% of the hands were large bets at an average of $500, one would have to win 67 and lose 125 hands to lose $29k. This assumes no ties and one broke even on the regular plays. So this is probably a best case scenario.

    There is a saying in the stock market. "Read the numbers. Don't listen to the noise."

    At 67-125 it would take a tremendous amount of resolve not to chase. Hence, the saying "this can't be happening to me" at some point.

    Now to recoup in a week, one would have to go 125-67. That's 65%. Hard to stay under the radar at the pace IMO.

    This good news for a local player is their operating expense is probably in the black.

    I run about 60% large bet wins with a column count at 4% large bet allocation. I'd like to go 6%, but the value isn't worth the tradeoff of tolerance IMO.

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    So a 10% large bet ratio on 100k hands is 10K large bets annually. At 6% of the 10%, about 6000 bets would be made in the lower echelon of TCs. Hence, a win percentage of 50.50% is slightly generous. The loss would be 49.50%. So 3030 wins and 2970 losses. At $500 per hand, large bet average, is a huge amount of volatility for $30,000 a year. The better 4% would be around 53% wins and 47% losses resulting in an overall average of 51.50% wins and 49.50% losses. These figures assume a perfectly executed side count for insurance. It also assumes break even play on minimum bets.

    So 10K hands at 51.5% is 5,150 large bet hands won and 4,850 lost. This is $2,575,000 in profit vs 2,425,000 loss. Result $150,000 annual income.
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