So my wife has been recovering from illness and wants me to get some of those delicious club sandwich dinner freebies at Riverview at Margarittaville . I tell her the only way I'll go is if she goes so I can keep an eye on her. She hesitates and then decides that since I'll only play my $10 free play at Horseshoe first then leave, she'll go. I told her the short walk would do her good. So we luckily find that the ONLY 5 multi denom VP machine with 2 credits for two pair is vacant and in goes the voucher! With artt from 5-25, we get surprising multiple restarts when they seem to stop. At about -$5 up comes a pair of 4's and I'm figuring a downhill trend when the other two appear for $55 win! So we get Margarittaville with the WORST VP machines in Shreveport. We're 30 minutes too early but I tell her NO way will I play VP there. So I agree to two of her favorite penny machines at minimum bet for $5. The first $5 session is a bust. We me to the one next to it and $2 in hit the bonus round-three honeycomb icons. After 5 free spins I'm miffed-nothing! Then, on the 6th spin all these bees start buzzing on the screen and nearly fill It and a $15 hit. I'm happy for her when it happens again the last spin and we end up a net $45. She has no problem with leaving. We get to the Riverview where they tell us there are no longer takeouts, so we have to eat there. Lucky me she came! Now get this- the sandwiches are huge so they give us plastic take home trays for what we couldn't eat. So what's the difference? Hating this place more and more.