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Thread: Caesars MGM merger

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    If this happens it's the end of players clubs, comps, and maybe all of those fringe benefits the APs savor.
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    It actually wouldn't be the end of players clubs at all. They would just merge into one, presumably keeping Total Rewards.

    It would be bad for the AP and the casual player for various reasons:

    - Less competition

    - Worse games

    - People banned from one property group would now be banned from both

    The only benefit would be derived from being able to use your existing players club status in more markets (where one or the other previously didn't serve).

    But overall this would be a bad thing.
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    I think it would be somewhere inbetween but still terrible. Elimination of the competition between the two will quickly lead to elimination of loyalty benefits. Presumably comps would remain the same since they are primarily incentives for play rather than choosing one casino family over another, but I can't see the tier benefits remaining at the current levels.

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