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    Well, my results in the Northbet contests have been solid, but probably will not result in cashing. The college contest heads into its last week. It's a forced choice, 12-games-a-week, ATS contest. I'm currently tied for 18th. I'd have to go 11-1 or 12-0 the last week to cash, which ain't happening. In the NFL no-spread contest, which has a couple thousand entries, I'm tied for 13th, but I'm five full games behind, so it's unlikely I'll be cashing there, either. I would need to make up two to three games, then use some kind of reverse lineup the last week and hope for chaos. Although it's impossible to absolutely know, as people may use different handles in different contests, it appears as if two of us are on the leaderboard (top 25) in both contests. The other guy is "Ted Striker," the lead male character in the Airplane spoof movies.

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    I was incorrect about the length of the college contest. It ends November 24th, so it's 13 weeks. I went 8-4 ATS last week and moved into a tie for 12th. I lost Duke by half a point in the contest, so that hurt. Since just the top three cash, I will once again need an 11-1 or 12-0 ATS record the final week to cash. Ain't gonna happen. My overall record is 80-64 ATS, which is very good for a forced-choice contest (e.g. you don't decide which games to handicap).

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    After Friday, a 3-1 ATS day, I have an overall 83-65 ATS record, good for a tie for 10th. With just eight games left, I have no chance to cash (top three), but it was a solid effort. My best week in this forced-choice contest was 9-3 ATS, so I managed to stay in contention without any single spectacular week.

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    I wound up 6-6 ATS the final week, losing the LSU/A&M marathon by half a point and also losing with Utah State +3 1/2 when Boise tacked on a touchdown with eight seconds left. Sadly, had the A&M contest line been 3 1/2 instead of 2 1/2, I would have taken LSU. And had the Utah State/Boise contest line been 2 1/2, I would have taken Boise. Oh, well. So my overall record was 86-70 ATS, good for a tie for 12th place.

    That's a wrap on that. I'm currently tied for seventh in the Northbet NFL contest, which is simply picking outright winners without spreads. I'm not likely to cash in that one, either, but will keep grinding.

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    Final Northbet NFL Pick the Pros Contest standings: I finished with 167 wins, which was good for a tie for 13th. I was the only person to finish on the top 25 leaderboard of both the college ATS contest, and the NFL non-ATS contest.

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